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Will Forestry Ever Return?

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(Up front note: I was able to install Forestry just fine. This is not another thread about that)

So I'm fairly new to the Tekkit scene. Been playing on a Tekkit server with a half dozen friends that two of us set up a few weeks ago. In that time I've been reading these forums, watching a lot of YouTube, reading wikis, etc - the usual. Obviously some of the older YouTube stuff still has a lot of Forestry in it, and even newer content (like Direwolf20's SMP series he's doing right now) has Forestry. It's obviously been removed from Tekkit. Which is a shame. Forestry looks awesome.

When I try to figure out what happened, I'm met with some people mentioning something with the code... or something, and then usually linking to a topic for more info - that topic has been removed. It's like any mention of Forestry has been redacted. I half expect a man in a black suit to knock on my door after writing this...

I don't really need details, but Forestry adds so many cool options and is built to take advantage of IC2 and BC right out of the box. So obviously the individual mod authors seem to get along alright... So what caused the fallout?

I already setup a test server and was able to successfully install Forestry alongside Tekkit - thanks to the help of a great thread in this forum. But the extra steps of having to delete the Forestry folder from inside a .jar is a bit too techy for some of my friends on the server. I wouldn't want to ask them to do that everytime something updates. So I guess that means I shelve the idea of Forestry on my server for now. I guess... It's just so convenient to be able to just point people to the Tekkit website and they get everything they need to connect to my server.

All of this is really just about one question, which is:

tl;dr - What is the chance that Forestry will come back to the Tekkit family?

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100% chance it will not come back. SirSengir didnt want the Technic team to use Forestry so he decided to be an asshole and added malicious code to fuck your shit rather than politely asking the Technic team to remove Forestry.


Thanks to whoever corrected the incorrect name i used.

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There was a disagreement between the mod author and the Technic team on whether they had permission to use Forestry. The mod author then tweaked the mod code to deliberately screw up the worlds of only the people using the Technic launcher. To resolve this, the Technic team removed the mod, and the author agreed to "disable" the malicious code.

So, you can add the mod back in yourself, if you trust the author to not do something else. There is effectively no chance that Forestry will ever be included in the pack again, though.

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Couldn't they just kick out the person that's stopping the Forestry Mod from returning?

No, they can't. The person preventing it coming back is the mod's author. He wound up taking some pretty severe steps to get it removed from the Technic packs in the first place.

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Sengir hates technic/tekkit with a passion, so much that anything a technic user says is automatically wrong. Even if you're just quoting his own words, you're wrong.

Add it yourself or learn to cope without it. Me, I'm doing something about it, I just need to get off my ass and finish it.

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