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Hi all first post here outlining a bug and short term fix.
Been playing tekkit for years and have finally decided to give space a go.

I have discovered that certain Thermal expansion blocks (tesseracts, pulverizes redstone furnaces etc.) disappear (do not drop, cannot be made to come back) when placed within 1 chunk of multiple oxygen sealers.
The only fix that seems to work for this is:

1. Remove all oxygen sealers (disabling seal WILL NOT WORK)

2. Open a hole in your previously sealed space (I did a 1x2)

3. Placing thermal expansion items.

4. Fix hole.

5. Replace oxygen sealers and re-initiate.

I hope this helps someone as we lost many items trying to figure out what was going on, additionally if anyone has a better fix I would love to hear it as I couldn't find any pertinent information by searching here on the web in general.

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