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Rotary Macerator; pipe for second input slot


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First of all, I've searched this forum and with Google for a solution and I believe this question has not been asked before.

My goal is to build a machine which automaticly creates refined iron. The most efficient method is using a rotary macerator with iron ore in the first slot and coal in the second slot.

When connecting a pipe to the top of the rotary macerator, any item in the pipe will end up in the first slot of the rotary macerator. Pipes connected to another side of the rotary macerator will end up in the output slot. My best guess is that there is no way to force an incoming item to the second slot? I hope I'm wrong, so if anyone knows a proper solution please let me and everybody else know.

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That slot doesn't work at all except if its copper and tin and it makes bronze dust with it, so pretty useless to use that second slot unless you want bronze dust all the time and nothing else.

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The second slot is for additive macerating and there is no input side for it. You put tin ore in there and together with copper ore in the main slot it creates bronze dust.

Thesame with coal in the left slot and water cells in the right slot to make hydrated coaldust. And if you macerate iron ore or ingots in the left with coal in the right you get refined iron dust which is smelted into refined iron. That's everything it is used for I guess.

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