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So far, iron has been the best early game armor as far as I can tell. Dig down underneath your base (to the lava layer or near it) to fine prometheum quickly.

Wood armor is the easiest to get, 2nd to that iron, and then some of the Metallurgy armors give different side bonuses as well with a full suit

Theres also the Travelers gear from tinkers constructs which is a favorite of mine, but I'll point out 3 peices which help out alot, are are relatively cheap

1st travelers gloves, they have their own item slot in the tinker gear tab in the inventory menu, so they don't compete with another item for that armor slot, 2 they don't do anything until upgraded, to upgrade them, slap them into a Tinkers tool station, and put redstone into them, this gives them a general haste buff to mining. digging, and punching.


2nd travelers belt, Bat man wears a belt like this, it also has its own item slot, this gives you a 2nd hot bar to swap between, with this and some satchels or dollys you can increase your personal storage capacity several times over,


3 travelers boots, now you can choose what boots you like but these are great for early game because they are a cheap way to get the step up ability which is great for saving hunger by reducing the need to jump up stairs and small hills, when running away from a tainted chicken its nice to not have to jump up blocks to climb a slope

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