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[3.1.2][24/7 Dedicated Linux Server] Fresh off the Boat [PvE, 12 Slot, Whitelist, Mature 16+]


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Fresh off the Boat

A dedicated, mature tekkitclassic server



         We are two friends hosting TekkitClassic on a Dedicated Linux Server.

  •  Hosted in Amsterdam
  •  Expected uptime: 24/7
  •  Open Slots: 10/12
  •  Mature only 16+


  • Use Common Sense
  • No Griefing


          Application form:

  • Name:
  • In Game Name:
  • Age:
  • Location:
  • I want to join because...

    For a faster response, mail your application with the subject "Application" to: [email protected]
    We look forward to playing with you.
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  • In Game Name: Qwertywerd
  • Age: 19
  • Location: Australia
  • I want to join because...I would like to join because i don't like having to constantly swap servers and i think this would be a cool server for me to play on. If i get really into it ill get my friends to play and we will most likely make some videos on your server
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