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SMP's 2263: A Sci-Fi Texture Pack


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Copy pasting from my MCF thread.


Current Version: PlanetMinecraft

Misc: Texture Guide | Mushroom Block Guide

This texture pack absolutely requires the CTM feature from MCPatcher (recommended) or Optifine. Why? Quick answer: click here. I also highly recommend the use of TooManyItems or NotEnoughItems as well. In single player they will allow you to easily add the mushroom blocks to your inventory. See the FAQ below to find out more.


Regarding use of my work..

I get a lot of PMs about using my work so I thought I'd clarify some things. You're free to use my work in any video, server, map or project as long as I get full and clear credit with a link to my thread. This means you can do what you want with it, as long as it is only distributed with that project. I just ask that you don't use it in any public texture pack mix, edited or not. Please don't PM me about permission for things, because I'll tell you the same thing you just read.


SMP's 2263 Texture Pack by SMP is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


What is 2263? Simply put, it's a sci-fi themed texture pack. It's also a "Minecraft total conversion mod" in a sense. It's a creative suite of textures made for the construction of sci-fi builds and adventure maps. Made specifically for creative mode, you'll be able to make amazing adventure maps with it. Whether you want to build a grimdark space colony like in Aliens, a colorful planet filled with weird wildlife or a sprawling space station, 2263 has got you covered.

I could go on and on about this, so here's a concise feature list that will hopefully entice you.

[*] Total conversion texture pack; a full creative and adventure mode suite.

[*] 6+ distinct planet (biome) types, to accomdate any kind of planet you can imagine (note: not really, but it should cover most ideas!).

[*] 28 new blocks added! Thanks to CTM magic I am able to retexture all the extra mushroom blocks.

[*] A wide variety of blocks allowing you to build any sci-fi project you've ever wanted to make.

[*] Extensive CTM support (9 .pngs and 131 .properties)!

Items, armor and GUI retextures will be coming in future updates, don't worry! What fun would sci-fi adventure maps be if you had to use an iron sword? For now I just wanted to get the pack out and let people play with it and familiarize themselves first.













CTM Demonstration:


Planet (Biome) Types:








How to use this pack

So you've just installed Optifine/MCPatcher and TMI/NEI; you're probably wondering how you use all these neat features. Don't worry, I'll try and explain them as best I can.


For those who aren't aware, CTM stands for Connected Textures Mod". It allows me to have textures connect in interesting ways, or even just randomize them. It lets me make computer screens with random displays and ventilation ducts that don't have to tile.

The only thing you'll need to "do" is get familiar with what block CTMs into what. For example, vent ducts only CTM in a snake-like pattern (1 wide at all times), but when placing the microwave block on it's own (1x1) it's a coffee maker. Computer screens randomize and gun racks only CTM 2 vertical blocks (2x1). It's not as bad as it sounds, trust me.

Planets and Biomes

You're free to use the blocks and biomes in any way you want; but for the sake of simplicity, I grouped them up by what looks good together (on the texture guide). I have example pics using the blocks with the intended biomes. You can set custom biomes using an external program (like biome painter) or by using //setbiome with WorldEdit.

New blocks (mushrooms)

In vanilla Minecraft, huge mushrooms are made up of 16 different blocks. That's a lot of block IDs just sitting there being unused. I retextured them all and 'added' 28 'new' blocks to the game in the process. However, players aren't normally able to acquire them which is why TooManyItems is required. In single player, the mushroom blocks (99:x and 100:x) show up on TMI's lists. In multiplayer they won't show up and you'll have to use /give ID:metadata.


Q: Why do I have to use MCpatcher/Optifine?

A: Because it has a neat feature called “CTM” that lets me do amazing things with textures. This pack will not look good without it. Please note that Optifine is still pretty buggy in comparison, and that MCPatcher is recommended instead. EXAMPLE.

Q: How do I setup this CTM stuff?

A: If using MCPatcher, enable it in the options when patching your .jar. If using Optifine, just enable it (Video Settings > Quality)

Q: Fair enough, but what about Too Many Items and Not Enough Items?

A: I added textures to a lot of blocks (namely the big mushroom blocks) that aren’t available through creative mode’s inventory screen. Also since so many blocks changed, the default inventory won’t sort them in any helpful way.

Q: The mushroom blocks aren’t showing up in TMI or NEI. Help!

A: For reasons unknown, they don’t show up on the lists when in multiplayer. I don’t know how to fix this; you’ll have to use a /give or /i command to give yourself the blocks.

Q: All this mushroom business is confusing!

A: Here’s a picture guide in case the written guide below isn’t enough. (Image also included in texture pack .zip).

Q: Why don’t the blocks look right in my inventory?

A: CTM textures are applied only when the blocks are placed. In your inventory they will use whatever texture is on terrain.png

Q: What the hell is Westenberg-Molotov?!

A: Just a dumb in-joke based fake company I made up. Change the painting to whatever suits your build the best.


* First release! Includes complete terrain.png (blocks), kz.png (art) and custom planets (biomes).



* Items

* Mobs

* Armors

* GUI & Misc

If you like my work, but find yourself more interested in medieval fantasy, you can check out my medievial fantasy texture pack here.

You can follow me on twitter here, but I never tweet and I'm not interesting.

If you're looking for a good server host, check out Akliz.

I will never charge for my texture pack or use any ad-based link referrals, but if you're feeling extra generous, donations would be very much appreciated smile.png.


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Yes it's the real SMP, and he's a total bro. We've made out once or 6 times so we cool. Bros.

And no, he isn't going to do mod support, that's a fools errand and he already burned out on that.

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