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Favorite first 5 day strategies


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how do you guys deal with the first few days of Blightfall, I'm not asking for the fastest but your favorite (which may be the fastest)

1: Favorite starting location

2: Favorite diamond mining level material, & how do you go about obtaining this material

3: how do you make more living space for your early game base

4: First 4 food items you eat more than 5 of

5: whats the first armor peice that you try to get thats not, wood, iron or Promethium


1: I've done all of them but my favorite is the Epsilon the desert, I use alot of sand

2: Blood wood, its a total gamble to get it but I request a good 30-45 rep to try and get it before I give up, its got good states for tools, and I typically carry wood in my inventory anyway for on the spot crafting, and this lets me carry repair material for tools for on the spot repairs. I ussaly try to get fuse wood or dark wood before that to cut down the blood wood tree, and if not a promethium axe/ oureclass axe.

3: glass walls, 2-3 blocks high, then use eternal blooms to clean space.

4: bread, toast, apples, monster jerky

5: travelers boots,   cheap way to get the passive step up ability which is really useful

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So, for the location i suggest the desert, but for a different reason, being near the floating city is a good way to obtain the flying ship early and so go exploring the world safely, other than being able to acces all the floating islands from the start. Diamonds are not hard to find, any biome is good, just craft a hammer and go strip mining at low levels. To expand i actually use other biodomes, each one with different facilities. To eat is a good idea to get pigs, porkchops are really good for making higly nutrient food, and always keep reeds for sugar. Tip: the pizza is really good for food but requires tomatoes, you can find some going to the giant silverwood and then start climbing the mountain, there should be a small lake with several plants. Armor is the triky one, I actually relied on drops, loot and chest in villages to get armor until I was able to get Thaumcraft stuff, like the boots, the thaumium helmet with goggles and so on.

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I am not going to write the places were you can find loot (sorry if I spoiled the ship and the tomatoes however), but like every minecraft game, chests in villages / other locations help a great deal, the scout quest line helps with getting to important places were usually you can expect to find something useful. The map is full of intersting places were is possible to find loot, but it requires a great deal of exploring. Even just walking at random is a strategy to get loot at the very beginning.


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For me, it's either Epsilon or Beta.

Delta: Easier access to a treasure spot that's always my first stop in any game.  Also easy access to certus & nether quartz which are easy-to-find replacements for copper & bronze.  Also, close to the water.

Beta: More land to spread out on, easy access to the water, MUCH closer to swamp and some other nice spots.

My favorite diamond level material is still iron/steel.  It's not the quickest way to get there but it's EVERYWHERE.  Remember to spend the first two gold ingots you find on the thaumometer and NOT on casts.  It's counter-intuitive, but that unlocks the gold tool quest with the supplier, and you can melt those down into ingots in your smeltery, at 2 rep per ingot!

I make living space by clearing out the swamp islands and making my home there.

I guess the Emergency Nutrition Bars.  I don't eat more than 5 of any regular food, it helps a lot!

Steel :)

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Kind of an old topic, but considering that this is probably better than making a whole new one to show off my favorite...

1. Omega. All the way. Smack in the middle of the ocean, surface available by laddering, instant boat accessibility, and near one of the ore caches. Only downside is lack of wheat/barley to start with but easily remedied with sailing to Beta. In addition, you've got a nice spot to jump right down to the lower mining levels, and since you're under the ocean, orichalcum. Did I mention the visible block of Iron Ore right on the rim?

2. In my Omega world I used Damascus Steel. Easy to get if you find copper and tin, though substitutable for normal Steel if you decide that heading into the tundra for manganese is worth it. On second thought, it probably is. I just lucked out. I suppose it doesn't help that I found Platinum and used that to skip directly to Desichalkos either. (I boated to the volcano island and performed Ultimate Tunnelling to get Deep Iron for soft metal)

3. I don't. Somehow I manage with a very cramped underwater biodome. Though if I did, it would likely be in the form of a wooden platform on top of said biodome. Or maybe I'll move my base to my cleaned up swamp island. Or the large amount of Mushroom Island I cleared out (and cleverly walled with Cobblestone Covers).

4. I like to prioritize getting a Kitchen set up ASAP, so that I never have to worry about that. Before my 'grace period' of "the last 2.5 hunger" went up though, Toast. Yesh.

5. My iron armor is almost broke. I KNEW my Atlarus and Adamantite mining runs would be for something! (In another world, I got Oureclase armor, and it's pretty good)

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1. I like to start at Alpha due to easy accesses to the mountain area for fast Mithril, Adamantine and Manganese runs and good premade cave in the biodome for starting a machinerooms and mines. Only downsite being that you don't have a good water source closer than the swamp (atleast I think so).

2. For diamond level material I usually just use the obsidian I get from the jungle village blacksmith because turning that to pickaxe head doesn't need the smeltery XD.

3. Tbh I have actually never had the need to expand any of the biodomes.

4. At the start I usually use meat and apples and after i have gathered around 160-200rep I start to mass request emergency nutrition bars.

5. Most of the time I go for Oureclase/Mithril armor and at some point upgrade to Adamantine, Tartarite or mix of those 2 and Thaumcraft armor.

And for weapons I use Adamantine/Enderium/Damascus Steel rapiers and random bows.


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It doesn't really matter to me where I start. Alpha is most convenient as in the first five days I can go to Marble shrine and then swamp delta. Purify the island right away (maybe one day to do) and you have a great, really easy base. After that, do normal progression up to steel and then you can shoot straight to Alien mining levels in about half an hour.(realtime) Don't want to spoil how to do it, but it's really really easy if you know what you're doing.

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1. Beta- by far, close to villages and water, also a huge mineshaft right under the base

2. iron is super easy to get i guess

3. build directly under and above the biodome, works great, you can build a farm and smeltery and storage

4. i like to get the kitchen quickly so i never really worry about it. chickens are a big thing for me cause of eggs

5. i love mithril armor, but i can work with invar

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