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[In Progress]TekkitZ, a map adaption of DayZ. (0.0.4)

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This is really exciting! I like DayZ, but would have never thought of combining it with Tekkit:p Good luck, I will br playing this:)

Thanks for the positive comment :) progress of the map is going quite well, I personally expect it to be done within a month and a half

Edit: probably WAY sooner than that XD

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I created a little church that could go with a small town. Details can be added later, but this comes with luminator lighting, so it can be hooked up to the main power line in TekkitZ.




Isn't my best work, just thought I should make something in 10 mins. :)

Are you interested in joining the TekkitZ Building Team?

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u need POLICE or some defending last stronghold place in SSP that is filled with villagers,a feq low voltage solar panels and make it exploded, all villagers gathered in a small underground room,while it has treasure,i will try to provoide a few screenshots i would rec here

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