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Minecraft 1.3.1 "Open to LAN" and Tekkit


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Just wondering if the new "Open to LAN" to feature in Minecraft 1.3.1 will be compatible/implemented with Tekkit (when it gets updated to the current version of MC), for those people without an extra computer to run a server on. Just speculation. Thoughts?

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Don't expect there to be tekkit for 1.3 because of the developments for the mod API and the fact that modding is going to be really stuffed because of the integration between SSP and SMP.

However, this does mean all mods in the future should be smp compatible.

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An ETA is impossible to predict. Tekkit rely on others to do some work, Tekkit is just a endproduct. Ive notice that its easy to say "dont ask for ETA", but not many really explains why.

The issue is that when Minecraft updates, first off the core of the SMP stuff needs to change theyre code. This is stuff like Forge and CRaftBukkit. When MC updates, this will take some time.

After taht part is done, those that has ported the mods/created the mods. Needs to open theyre programs, and start to adjust theyre mods towards the currently working Minecraft. That part, really isnt easy. There is alot of code that needs to be first of looked at, then what Minecraft changed in there code, the mods needs to find, and change in theyre own code. Usually this results in that some parts or the code they got will break theyre mod, and they will need to rewrite theyre modcode. That part takes time. Just ask yourselfe, how much time do you have to play? Then for e.g x5 that in time. Thats the time a "normal" mod needs to update to the new SMP features.

Then they need to test it, make shure its not that bad. When its seems like its working, they will release the mod that they are in charge of. Mix in RL, this might take some time.

Tekkit dont have contact with these developers, so they have no way of telling when all the mods thats inside Tekkit is made ready for SMP. And when theyre done, Tekkit needs make a pack out of this.

Thats why there cant be made any ETA on when Tekkit for MC 1.3 is out.

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