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Lack of order shards


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Am I just unlucky or are order shards orders of magnitude rarer than the others? I'm trying to set up essentia storage in an ME network, which needs order shard for coalescence cores (IIRC). Problem is that we've only found some 10 or 20 order shards amongst the four or so players on the server. Compare that to the 100+ of  all other shards that is lying around.


Where should I look for order infused stone? I'm increasingly supsecting that it has somehow disappeared, and become entropy infused since I seem to find tonnes of those. Can that even happen?

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The spawn rates are the same for all types for all biomes.  I think I read somewhere that the spawn rates can be affected slightly by nearby nodes (???) that might be wrong and/or out of date.  In any case, I tend to look in the taiga for order shards because order nodes spawn there, and it works ok for me, even if it's just confirmation bias.

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