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[16x][WIP] CarPG (Cartoon-RPG)


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Hey guys! I'm tallyaka, and I've started to create a tekkit texture pack! You won't find this texture pack anywhere else as it's a build off of my old texture pack and I've yet to release it. Please note that not very much at all is done, not because I've been lazy but because SO MUCH STUFF is in tekkit. I will be working on this throughout the course of a long time and I hope you guys like it. :)

Now that we got all that out of the way, picture time :D

A beautiful mountain


A jungle biome


A sun setting majestically in the distance


Ores pt. 1


and pt. 2


All of the IC2 blocks that I've done so far pt. 1 (old-ish)


and pt. 2


Here's some newer pics!



Dark/Red Matter tools


Updated Machines:




Please give me feedback on what you like and what you want me to change!

Thanks so much for checking this out! I'll make everything on the thread here look nicer when I actually release this.

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Hey, that's looking really good, I like it! It's very calming for the eye, compared to Sphax, for example, I'd probably use it too. I'd like closer screenshots of your jungle, I thought the leaves were looking pretty cool. Also, I really love the style of the ores!

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On Scullyking's post, why not have the red button/light thing on the face of the machine different for every one? Or even a symbol on top, like a water drop for a pump, or a gear for a macerator, even a flame for the electric furnace?

Really looking forward to this, whatever you decide to do.

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I might put it up soon, but I'm really busy right now. I'll have more free time in a couple of days, so expect it kinda soon, I'll try and finish as much as I can before release. Just a question, do you want me to focus on a specific mod first?

EDIT: I didn't see your RP2 gem comment. Yes, they are out of place because I haven't edited them yet. Sorry

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