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Should I make a texture pack?


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Sorry if this is in the wrong section I really didn't know if it was general discussion or not.

Anyways, seeing as there is almost no texture packs for Tekkit (Which is what it will be made for) & the default machines are honestly little more than the iron block texture with some basic stuff on them (Not bagging on modders) I thought I would make my own. It would be my first proper pixel art thing (Neve-- Im sick of doing this it makes me look like a dbag) & I wanted to gauge community interest.

It would be based largely off SMP's 2263 but without the decorative blocks. More of a playing pack instead of a map pack if that makes sense.

Post below your ideas & opnions.

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Hey, I think there's always room for a new tekkit texture pack, I just wanna let you know what you're getting into. There's TONS of stuff in tekkit alone, not to mention Technic SSP. And hey, just because people don't say they want it, doesn't mean they won't use it. I got almost no comments on my first texture pack and almost got up to 10k downloads, so ignore the lack of comments, ok?

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