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Now in Alpha v0.3.8!

Hey there !

Welcome to Test Your Mettle ! This is a map that was created in Tekkit 3.1.2 (Currently a Devbuild) by my brother (Drperry), my girlfriend (Peji02) and I; we love this map so hopefully you guys will too !

We made it in Tekkit because I feel it makes this sort of genre more interesting and I love Tekkit to bits (no advertisement whatsoever, I just love it)

This is supposed to be a multi-player map, but if you can win it on your own I'd be impressed.

This is a monster-mash, an all-out brawl so be prepared to die but gain that sweet success at the very end!

Test Your Mettle ! is a map all about defeating hordes of enemies with your friends, finding secret loot, collecting treasure and of course soaking in your foe's inevitable death. Coupled with a unique class system and wonderfully crafted scenery, hopefully you'll just wanna keep playing !

There will be 3 main "Acts", however map is in a very alpha stage, with only one act finished with 3 areas to mash things in:

(Please note I am using the SphaxBDcraft texturepack, I recommend it as it makes things look pretty)

The starter zone - The Arachnid Den:


The sandwich filler - The Walkway:


The end zone with boss - The Wizard's Tower:


More pics:





The brawl includes:

- Tons of mobs to kill

- A unique class system (with 9 classes so far)

- Lots of Tekkit wizardry to keep things interesting

- LOOT (Need I say more?)

The rules:

- Don't break any blocks except cobwebs

- Don't take items your class cannot use (the items you get at the start are the only type you can get afterwards, i.e if you don't start with a sword, don't pick one up and use it)

- Don't EVER take from another class type chest, the class types are noted at the start (Melee, ranged, magic/other)

- For a more authentic experience, turn off Rei's minimap !

- Have fun and make sure to note any irregularities for me, you guys are my testers !

Please bear in mind this map is to be played in TEKKIT, and nothing else.



Leave any and all criticisms or let me know if you enjoyed it etc, it's greatly appreciated. This was put here this early in development for testers really so play it to your hearts content !

If anything doesn't work give me a shout (Very likely)



- Fixed spawn rates in Act I

- Added clearer signs for loot chests

- Added txt doc with important info

- Added fire challenge room in Act II

- Polished some bits in Act II

- ADDED TELEPORT POINTS !!!!!! <-- Big thing.

- Can't remember other stuff.


- Fixed spawning issues

--- v0.3.6 ---

- Final tweaking (hopefully) of act 1

- Started working on act 2

--- v0.3.5 ---

- Fixed the download link giving the wrong files

- Added end room properly

- Added boss explosion

--- v0.3 ---

- Fixed more bugs

- Fixed boss battle, made dropping of the levers and the one durability flint and steel easier to see

- Fixed various redstone bugs

- Fixed spawn being weird.

--- v0.2 ---

- Filled empty chests

- Fixed bugs with spawning

- Many other fixes !

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We are working on act 2 at the moment, main priority is to get things working before making it easily accessible for "everyone". Never had a problem with people using winRAR before so that's what I chose. Anyhow it shouldn't be too long before screenshots and an updated version is out !

There's been a few mishaps here and there, they're not the first nor the last since this is our first map, it is in alpha expect some bugs here and there but like the post said, any feedback is good feedback! :) thanks all for being interested !

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Don't worry I just cheated in some EE goodies and broke into the spawn area and cleared my inventory. I spent about 30 mins and got to the second set of beds. I like the overall style and theme of the map but there are three things I would like to change:

The library maze was a tad long and felt too claustrophobic. The lever hidden below the table was hard to find.

I didnt find any food until the second checkpoint, it made the fighting in the maze quite difficult as I had to resort to zombie flesh.

The ranged class was lacking a ranged weapon from the start. Maybe switch the iron knife for a bow and later on, a crossbow/musket.

Apart from that I enjoyed what I've played so far, I will play a little more tomorrow. I hope my little constructive criticism helps.

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I was on my own playing, I started on ranged, but switched to melee once I died. I was using a trackpad instead of a mouse, quite a good trackpad but I could have done better with a mouse. Sorry I don't have anyone to test it with, and I don't have the hardware to run a server.

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Wow okay that's quite impressive, alone AND with a trackpad, nah it's fine, but if you do know people who could potentially set up a server and play it , pass this on to them? We seriously need more feedback like this, thanks again

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Hi! So, i got the same exact spawn and inventory as Jiggins did. I realize that this is a new map and obviously everything isn't going to be perfect, so I'm still eager to actually play the map! where the heck is the spawn room in relation to where i spawned? i'll just break in and begin play.

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