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[3.1.2]RC-Tekkit[PvP][150 slots][Open][Grief-Prevention][PvP Arena][Almost no banned items]


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Overload can you please unban a tool for mass destruction? :P I know people will over use it but sometimes if u wanna clear out an area it's not gonna work if you use a pick. the only tool for digging holes is a Quarry/Mining Well and even so they take a *Shit tone* of power and time. thanks for reading this. Also my best suggestion is to unabn the destruction catolist, but make it so only advance + can use it

Destructive Tools

1. destruction catolist

2. Destruction Lens

3. TnT

4. Nova Bomb

5. Nuke (highly unwanted)

6. Industrial TNT

7. Mining Laser

8. Red Morin Star

9. Quarry

10. mining well

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I am here to warn folks about paying to play on this server. Yesterday I complained on the website (have screen caps for all of this, feel free to PM me) about the owner 'overload' bringing in money and changing things/treating people quite rudely after donating. I've donated $50 in the past month to this server. After I complained, the owner of the website banned me from the website and the server and didn't refund my money. When I complained to Paypal, the owner of the website and server suggested I had 'broken the rules' and was banned because of that. I am actually at this point considering taking this matter to the authorities because I believe the person is a scammer and is taking a fair bit of money from decent people.

He's messed with the wrong woman at this point through. I'm an adult and quite aware of my legal rights as both an international customer of Paypal (have run a long term business via Paypal payments) and a dual national of two different countries, both of which frown on online fraud. Because I was suspicious, I have been taking screen captures of the game and the website all along. Tsk tsk.

Advice is to stay away from this server and if you do choose to play, do not give these people any real $$$, ever.

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We have never banned anyone for no reason, and also what goes for refund.. you are still a regular player but from your words I can say that you aren't the person that reads terms of service.


We are not supposed to refund you, and I am not sure why you are banned.. Are you banned ingame? What do you claim to be ban reason? Can you proove yourself innocent? If you are banned ingame, could you provide a screenshot of screen where you attemtp to login and get ban message?

Oh and yea... I'm not a scammer of any kind, if you break the rules - you are being punished. Simple as that.

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