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[3.1.2]RC-Tekkit[PvP][150 slots][Open][Grief-Prevention][PvP Arena][Almost no banned items]


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Before i left school i thought that i left my key in my locker (which then i found out i didnt) but i didnt know that so i got very mad kicking my leg against the locked door and then i found my key and went home

As soon as I took of my sock i found out that a part of my toe turned completly purple and that I couldn't feel it at all no matter how much i poked it

am i supposed to be worried or will it just fall off?

In this post, where's the link with the topic? And I think that if you hit realy hard that you might have some problems, though it shouldn't be realy bad.

It can be 1 out of 2, or its a broken bone or just a bit too hard banged finger, if its the 2nd one then most likely it will pass in week or few weeks.

if its broken bone, go visit a doctor. Though if it would be broken I think you should be unable to move it and it should hurt pretty bad.

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You lose it after 30 days, becouse that is the way we wanted it to be, in other case after 30 days we'd be screwed and would have no money to continue our project.

You do lose items that are restricted as vip-only. Other items that aren't restricted do remain.

For banned items, you can check monitor at spawn, though topic in forum will be added in a minute.

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Here is where you gave your word.

I agree, I did but it wasn't only my call to do it, and having server with players that have items that couse lag isn't a solution :)

Look at it from my spot: Players complain about lag, you fix the lag - they complain about how bad you are.

Also, feel free to leave the server, sevenomad if you don't like something about it :) No one is forcing you to stay here.

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Why did you reset the bags. Everything that had been saved was in the bags. I have a condenser, crafting table and a stone furnace. And a bunch of empty bags. You could have at least warned that you were going to reset the bags so stuff could have been placed or put in chests.

I think you should do another reset and wipe everything once more so that everyone is starting fresh. Because the items that were saved in bags and were placed did not get wiped.

And its not so much of the reset. Its the lack of communication telling ppl that you are going to do it.

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You should keep your word to your community.

If you can't please just communicate what is going on before it happens. The Server Forums are active. It will make it easier on the community if there were better communication from the staff.

Thanks. Love the server otherwise. Great communit.

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hi im loving the look of this server my mc names shakchyam

i have never been banned from a server ougher than a server where i was aswell as several ougher players raided by the owners in god arrmor and sword i posted this on there forums and was banned yet i did nothing so you cqan trust me im realy nice and love tekkit if you need help with somthing ill be on allot and could help you as im pro at tekkit so please wight list me once again my mc user names=


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