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Good morning everyone. Lunch Box Productions teams would like to wish wonderful start to 2012-2013 school year We know we can't check your grades from here but we ask please think of school work first and us as the reward after it is done. And big hats off to all the teachers out there too....You Make it all happen. Thank you!!!

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First off i still absolutely love this server,AND also ALL MODERATORS LISTEN UP THIS SERVER SHOULD BE ON TH DELUXE SERVER LIST for these reasons 1,It is a great all around server that is just well great 2,also we have the BEST admins on every single tekkit server ever 3, I have never had such a great time in my LIFE SO PLEASE! put THiS server on deluxe for those reasons and i can think of others but i think that is enough for anyone.

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Warning to other servers here this morning 9/9/2012 an LBP team member in our teamspeak had contact with two persons bragging about having ten accounts thankfully they were on the ball and wrote them down they are as follows:

Crafterbut 1 ban griefing/ Pies48 1 ban griefing

whycry no bans/ Fdnisyou 1 ban griefing

Lenfunk no bans / Techno4 ever98 Permaban for alt of joniyun123 spambot /ring- join/quit

tswg no bans/ lbrian51 no bans

If you want to protect your server from them you can ban these IP adresses Joniyun 123 googlekitteh

they were also rude in our teamspeak to our staff and players

also created an unauthorized room and stayed in away mode in it

this is evidence gathered against them through info they gave in our TS

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This sever is like a home away from home .what can I say this is really the best sever out there and you wont find a better one then this . Like the people on this sever are the nicest people in the world and if u don't believe me you will have come and see for your self but I know that this sever is one of the best I have ever played.

thanks for reading

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