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  1. I like EE as much as the next guy, but a lot of people don't like to use it. Either way, you failed to answer the question posed and proceeded to criticize him on what he was doing in the first place... Anyways, yeah, either pipe it into the bottom of the machine or use sneaky pipes or logistics pipes to direct it into the bottom slot.
  2. Less requested, More created malicious code to FORCE the Technic team to remove it. This seems to be a common problem regardless of the texture pack and occurs in Tekkit. So I dont really know how to fix this one. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=free+mac+rar+extractor
  3. With the whole .jar replacement thing (I do NOT know if this applies to both Macs and PCs but I do know it works with my macbook), even if you just leave the file as a folder (that is NOT re-zipping the folder) and rename it with a .jar extension, the computer stil recognizes it as a .jar and can access the files properly. When I was first getting into the modding scene, this was how I would put stuff in the minecraft.jar file and it would work. I dont know if .zip'ing the file and changing it to a .jar affects how it reads the stuff, but thats my theory as to why it might not be working.
  4. IGN: TJP12409 Age: 17 Project you plan to build: First I would get myself situated in a home, gather supplies, get sorting systems up etc.. Then I would be glad to help out with any project around the server. If anything else, simply expand my own living space with "rooms" for each of the various mods. Potentially build a Castle with all sorts of dungeons and such. Medieval themes are what I like to build with the most Minecraft experience: Been playing minecraft since mid beta and have plenty of experience with the mechanics and gameplay. Tekkit experience: While I have the more simple mods mastered (EE and IC2) I want to start using some of the other mods available to me (RedPower and Buildcraft) and start putting them to better use. Why you want to join the server: Looking for a good medium sized community that I can help out and collaborate with in Minecraft. I particularly like that this server has a bit of a stricter whitelist and that the server really gives the community something to work together towards.
  5. Application: Age: 17 years, 8 months, 2 weeks as of the day of this post. IGN: TJP12409 Mods experienced in: EE Master, IC2 Intermediate, BuildCraft Mediocre, RedPower Neophyte, ComputerCraft n00b. Bans: Nope.
  6. I love how your thread title says EE enabled and your website says EE is disabled. One or the other is incorrect, I'd like to know which...
  7. My first Satan kill involved entirely skipping mom's heart. I got the Joker in Womb which took me straight to the door to Sheol.
  8. TJP12409

    ICBM Mod

    I'm pretty sure he means have his mod as an official mod for the Technic pack or Tekkit. Seeing what a wonderful mod he has on his hands so far, I have little doubt that once the mod is out of beta that is will be added into the pack!
  9. I've almost unlocked ??? (I like to call him Fate though, since he looks like the item "Fate"). I've beaten Satan too, ironically enough it was around my 2nd or 3rd heart kill, so I didn't have a LOT to work with.
  10. TJP12409

    ICBM Mod

    Well you can take out the Black hole with a Red Matter missile, but that also means piercing a giant hole into the void :[ What would be cool though is if the Red Matter bomb was made with EE Red Matter :D
  11. The most useful thing that I tend to get out of dw is through watching some of his let's plays, I get the "How the hell do I use this mod?" question answered in a way that I can understand.
  12. Wait, really? Sphax is like that for you? I mean I understand and all, the IC2 stuff is textured horribly and some of the other textures aren't stellar... but that bad?
  13. TJP12409

    ICBM Mod

    Well rhibakusa WAS talking about mobs and not the missiles :P
  14. I understand! There are more imprtant things in life than making a texture for Minecraft!
  15. As for characters, try to unlock Cain ASAP (hold 55 coins at once in a game). While he has less health, Cain's slightly faster and stronger and gets Lucky Foot at the beginning (he also starts with 1 key instead of 1 bomb, unlike Isaac). Lucky Foot is invaluable, no negative pill effects, higher drop rate from poop and fire, and better luck with slot/fortune telling machines as well as with the 3 skulls game in the arcade. Maggie is good if you're REALLY bad about taking damage (have 6 max HP in a game to unlock) by starting with 1 extra heart and the Yum Heart item (heals 1 HP per 6 rooms completed, must be triggered by spacebar). USE THE WIKI! If you don't know what something does, you can look it up!
  16. Soundtrack = Amazeofreakinawesome (yup, definitely a real word right there) Gameplay = Stupid addicting WOtL expansion = 20% cooler "I'm going to put my fist through the screen in 5 seconds!" factor = 10 outta 10
  17. If you really want a way to save your self from lava without complete fireproofness (totally a word right there), Perhaps a bucket of water in your hotbar? Or for non permanent fireproofness (still a word, eyyup), look at potions! Just drink a fireproof potion before you get to digging in a straight line forever. Thats 5 minutes of being safe enough.
  18. *activates whining* But the whole point of Technic is to achieve God Mode as soon as possible! *regains composure* In all seriousness though, I get where you're coming from, what fun is a game when you're nigh invincible?
  19. My favorite part is still the fact that one of the wrenches is the Jag. I am WAY too addicted to TF2. Really looking forward to the pack. The fact that were actually seeing updates (compared to Doku) makes me really excited that this will be finished!
  20. The Abyss Helmet from EE. Press "v" to activate "offensive mode". Proceed to MASH the "r" button to have lightning strike where your cross-hair is. If you SERIOUSLY want to avoid lava while mining, mine above Y level 10. (there's a number in parenthesis beneath your minimap, thats the Y level of your head. Dig at 12 and you shouldn't be mining straight into walls of lava anymore. Just... watch your step, you dont want to fall DOWN into the lava)
  21. For me, server administrative/backbone wise: -1 (yes that's a negative number, I seriously do not know how to run a server at all) (I do have moderator skills tho ) For me, in-game wise - 6 (I have mastered the art of EE, IC2 is a strong point, Buildcraft is meh, and RedPower = poop)
  22. Erm, Where would I find this for the server that I'm on? I am not a modder by any stretch of the definition...
  23. Lava protection isn't game breaking. Free spammable lightning? Thats game breaking.
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