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Why am I getting zero crossbreeds in 2 hours?


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I have all the crops set up correctly, as it says on the tekkit wiki, in the square patterns. I didn't place the empty crops for the cross breeds until their neighbors were completely grown. Each farm has 3 soil under it, plenty of light (exposed to sun), fresh air, and it is in the ideal swamp biome

And I have cropmatrons running with (some) fertilizer though that usually runs out, pletny of hydration and plenty of weed-ex. No weeds in sight, so i know its working.

I have 32 empty crops that should be able to accept crossbreeds, but after 2 hours, not one has gotten anything in it? Is that normal? Because that's stupidly slow, if so. Especially when the cropmatrons are unable to accept their 3 ingredients to specific slots with redpower, so I have to check in inhumanly often to refill...

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I think the crops you can possibly crossbreed are also related to the stats of the parent crops (the code for this is kind of convoluted), so you need to be selectively breeding them to improve the stats as well, or they'll be stuck with crummy stats and won't crossbreed anything new.

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