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Portals++ v1.6.1


  • Downloads:


    • Multicolored Portals!

      [*]Various shapes and sizes of portals!

      [*]Access to Sky Dimension from 1.8 Beta!

      [*]SMP Compatible!

      [*]1.3.2 LAN Compatible!

      [*]Portal Frames are now customizable!

  • Each with it's own destination!

  • Description:

    • Three portals, each will take you to a different location.

      • Red Obsidian Portal to the Nether
      • Green Cobblestone Portal to the Overworld
      • Blue Smooth Stone Portal to the Sky Dimension

      [*]Each portal will teleport you to that dimension, unless you are already in it.

      [*]You can change the portal frame in the mod_Portal.cfg file. It is in .minecraft/config

      [*]You will no longer be able to create the old purple portals, but any old portals will work as normal.

      [*]To build an unusually shaped portal:

      • Build a frame, just like you would a normal portal
      • Then take flint and steel and use it on a corner
      • The portal will then be created

      [*]There are limits to portals:

      • They cannot exceed 16x16 for time reasons and any large portal may lag minecraft for a second.

      [*]To build a horizontal portal, just create a frame like normal, except parallel to the ground, and use flint and steel on it.

      [*]A horizontal portal will be created, which has the same limits as other portals.

  • Installation Directions:

    • Install Minecraft Forge for 1.3.2 or 1.2.5
    • Move the Portals++ zip into the mods directory
    • To modify the config, run minecraft once and a mod_Portals.cfg will be created
      in the config folder in your minecraft or minecraft server directory.

  • Issues:

    • Sky Dimensions have large amounts of lighting issues.
    • If someone can help me work this out, that would be helpful because I don't know much about how dimension generation works.
    • Sometimes portals are left floating in air in the Sky Dimension. It's because of the large open areas that are regular in the Sky Dimension.

  • Change-log:

    • v1.3:

      • Moved 1.3 over from minecraftforums
      • Appears to be compatible with everything
      • Does not include customization options
      • Downloads: v1.3, source



      • Added in dimension config option
      • Downloads: v1.3.1, source


  • Images:






Basic Info Dump:

This mod came from the minecraft forums (
), I created it a while back, and after I found Tekkit, I decided to modify it so that it would work with Tekkit.

If you have any questions, ask them.

Any suggestion is useful, as long as it isn't a stupid one.

And if you are going to post a bug report, please for the love of god put some information in there so I can recreate it, or at least find the basic area that it's in.
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It appears stable, I haven't had much time to play around with it, besides getting the aggravating black background gone. I think that by making the End, they fixed most, if not all, of the bugs dealing with the sky dimension.

It seems that world generation only replaces stone blocks with the items. You can find diamonds in some of the islands, but not many are low enough to actually have diamonds spawn in them. It would be fun to fly around looking for ores on the bottoms of the islands.

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Looks like a sweet mod. Is there a 1.2.5/Technic compatible version?

Also, some screenies of the Sky Dimension couldn't hurt. :)

I'm reasonably sure that v1.3 is compatible. It's an older version, but it should be able to do all the basics, except server work.

There are a few up now. It's in a small area, but just in that tiny space I found a really nice island.

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Okay, so I installed the 1.2.5 version into Technic 7 and no issues in terms of crashes or whatnot, but the Sky Dimension portal does nothing. That is, the portal appears when I light it, but standing in it does nothing. Nether works fine, and I haven't had a chance to test the Overworld portal yet.

I'm using Mystcraft and Twilight Forest, maybe dimension-clash issues?

Edit: Okaa, I got the Sky Dimension portal working, but it takes me to the Twilight Forest.

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I'm here to annoy you again! :D

Anyway, I finally got in to the Sky Dimension, it's gorgeous. I had to delete Twilight Forest though, changing the dimension ID didn't really do anything., Sky Portal still turns purple and takes me to Twilight.

Not really an issue though, this >Twilight imo. Also, 3-4x fps in the sky dimension, which is fantastic. So if you can't/don't want do anything, it's cool, just though you should know. :)

Edit: Hang on, now I'm in the Sky Dimension with a successfully generated portal, I'm going to try to install Twilight again. See if that changes anything.

Edit2: Yep, works fine. I can now successfully enter the Sky and Twilight Forest. The Sky portal is purple for some reason, but who cares.

Also, regarding the lighting issues, just the player going near the dark areas is usually enough to cause them to fix themselves. Maybe if you can tell the chunks to re-check their lighting values after generation somehow, it might fix it?

Or not, I have no tech skills/knowledge at all, just talking out of my ass lol.

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Sorry to triple post, fell like I should to bring this to your attention though.


Any chunks generated from this point on are like this.

I've had this happen on a previous world. I had though it was caused by Teleport Pipes, because they were glitching out on me, but I remember I was trying to get into the Skylands around the time it happened. I started a new world without any pipes, and just got back from the Sky when I found this.

I'm guessing it has to do with the conflict between this and Twilight.

Edit: Okay, I just started a new world -Twilight. Mucked around with the portals and in Skylands for a while, and the worldgen seems to be fine. So I guess this just isn't compatible with 1.2.5 Twilight Forest.

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