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Deathless Gaming 1.0.10 server.


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This is the new Deathless Gaming minecraft server

This server is a white list server, If you want to join please comment your Age, And IGN. Everyone will be accepted that is old enough, The only reason its a white list is to stop grief and to stop immature players from joining. Once i see your comment i will white list you and message you the ip to the server.



No grief.

Be kind to other players.

We have anti cheat so dont think about hacking.

Raiding is allowed (Stealing from chests, Not breaking blocks).


We plan on getting something to protect plots but i'm not too good at figuring this stuff out. So if you want a friendly minecraft multiplayer experience this is the right server.

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Hi, this is actually what I was looking for, a small server that stops rule breakers from joining. I've never played Tekkit Legends before I so wanted to give it a shot. Anywho:


Age: 18

Username: WuckingFeeb


Before you ask about the username, it was a bet between my friend and I, and I do plan on changing sometime in the future.


Thanks and Best Regards,


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