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ccSensors - IC2 Sensor Module

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Hi, running tekkit 3.1.2 on my server

I've noticed that the sensor module is not reading the energy value from MFSU's in SMP



it does work on SP



on 100MFSU's it had 2 reading, so 98 MFSU's say energy:0

they are 100% filled.

any ideas ? is this a permission problem ? (I had to /op [industrialcraft] etc... earlier) ?

or is this a ccSensors problem ?


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Well, if you have lower numbers of Storage devices like mfsu and batboxes you can make location cards that are much more easier to use and they display: max storage, free space (eu), fill % and fill in EU. Also, if you have multiple storage devices in one card (craft one by combining 2 location cards, up to 6) it will show the Total of them with the same info as above. search Industrial Information Pannel on the tekkit wiki.

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I have that allready, but given I have 4 MFSU Cores, and I want over 20... its ALOT of work.

thats why I want to use ccSensors :)


those are industrial information pannels. i know how to use them but i need help on knowing CCSensors that work with buildcraft

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They are buggy, don't use ccsensors, they don't remember their names and such and the version with this bug corrected exist but isn't ported to smp or bukkit and probably won't ever be done, lets just forget about the ccsensors, just thinking how awesome that mod could be makes me want to jump from a bridge.

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