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Hi every one please join this server because it has no lag (i am not kidding)

EE is enabled and is up 24/7

i would like to be a mod to help this server and i know this server will go a long way

My age is 14

I am from New Zealand (same as badass)

This is my main tekkit server

I have been mod on 2 other server one for about 3 weeks the it went offline and never cameback and other one is on vanilla whitch i was md for 3 months then i left for tekkit

My in game name is Demonic_beast


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Things that has & will be changed.

-Finally got votifier working, you can now vote in-game and get tons of diamonds.

-Added A faction world. (Towny World Still There)

-Added a Spawn World.

-Fixed the random lag spikes, simple mistake with Clag.

-Updated The Forums. (www.endlessdays.enjin.com)

-Fixed Permissions for now (Redoing them all together, so we can easily change things.)

-Working on MobArena world.

-Working on New Spawn, with better shops & Buyable Regions.

-Still Debating On Getting Rid Of The Nether & Just sell the items in the shop.

-Added a couple new plugins to fix some common issues we was having.

-Still working on making the ban list smaller. (Currently Around 25 Items ban.)

-Updating Donator Ranks (Again, lolz)

Anything else, suggest it, we love to have you're ideas.

-[CoOwner] DiamondEater

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Fun server! I did a video review of my exploration of the server.

I say & thank you for making it on our server, we updated host, and added more fun, exciting things. You should come check it out, nd mybe redo your video:)

Btw, if anyone need to get in contact with me my skype is "bradleyyshanee" without the quotes.

I'm the co-owner if anyone is wondering:D

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Hi there! I've only played on your server for an hour or two, but I love it! I can see it growing into a really fun community. I'd love to apply for a position as mod or admin (I am quite experienced)

How old are you?


Where do you live?

Eastern Standard Time, USA

How are your communication skills?

I speak excellent English. Not only that, I am a fast typer. I am also really good at using translators, and have a working knowledge of romance language grammar, so can communicate with players of many different backgrounds.

What is your experience?

I have been playing Minecraft for almost a year now. I started playing in Beta on a vanilla survival server. After a few months of that, I migrated to a McMmo server, and six months ago I started playing Tekkit. I'm quite good at Minecraft - on the vanilla server I was the one everybody went to for redstone contraptions, on the McMmo server I built the most elite, successful, and selective faction, and as a Tekkit player, I can create a 2000 eu/t reactor without EE, I can create an automatic HV solar panel farm, and I know the ins and outs of some of the trickiest aspects of Tekkit.

Have you had any previous staff experience?

On a small tekkit server, with around 10-15 active players at any given time, I was a moderator. My duties mainly consisted of moderating player disputes and making rulings about griefing and stealing. Because all of the players were experienced in tekkit, I didn't get to help newbies, which was a little dissapointing.

On another server, the now defunct "Dexteria.org," with around 40 active players, I worked closely with the Admins to develop the config file for an rpg class system we were implementing.

I am a moderator on a large tekkit server whose website receives approximately 600 hits/day, and has around 60 competitive, active players. The server is currently down. If you want the website to check it out (I hate to advertise), pm me :).

I am also a moderator on a medium sized (30 slot) Tekkit server, however due to funding reasons the server is down a lot.

I know (very well in fact) one of the Founders of Reddit Mcpublic, the Official Minecraft Server Network ofreddit.com/r/minecraft

Why do you want to be a member of the staff?

I usually get to top-tier Tekkit items within a few days. For me, the real gratification is in helping others learn and get better, and being a staff member gives you that opportunity. I'd really love to be a part of the formation of what seems to be such a fantastic server.

What will you bring to Endless Days?

Creativity in Technology:

  • I am a creative problem solver.
  • I know a bit of 'Processing' (object oriented Java), am teaching myself 'Python,' and have met (and talked extensively at the 2008 Scratch conference) with the creator of 'BYOB.' I also know some HTML.
  • I was selected (along with 74 others) out of a pool of 100s of applicants to attend Google's 'CAPE' (Computing and Programming Experience) in 2011.
  • Aside from being the leading actor in my grade at my school (having played the lead male roles in my past 3 productions) I am a lighting designer as well - meaning I rig the lights and then program them using an Express 24/48 board (I can also use an Express 250). I also run some shows.

I am kind, and a good teacher:

  • I enjoy helping newbies, especially in Tekkit
  • At age 13, I began to teach kids aged 7-12 basic computer programming as well as Lego Robotics. I continue at that job today.
  • I will be managing a booth about Computer Science education at an early age at the upcoming Maker Faire.

I am smart:

  • I go to a gifted high school, where my GPA is 3.99/4.0
  • I've won quite a few awards in Math, History, and Science at both the school, city (I live in NYC), and state level.
  • I have followed the 'Rule of Threes' in writing this section, so that it appears to be well-written.

Why should we pick you over other applicants?

I am very experienced in tekkit:

  • I have built a nuclear reactor that can generate upwards of 2000 eu/t. (not on this server)
  • I have devised an excellent fuel management system for Buildcraft.
  • I have developed a system for manufacturing solar panels automatically that seamlessly integrates Redpower, Industrialcraft, Buildcraft and EE.
  • I have been playing it for a long time (over six months), and know many of the ins-and-outs of the mod.

I am willing to help:

  • One of the most satisfying things in Minecraft (and especially tekkit) is to help newer players - expose them to the really cool, interesting parts of the game and hopefully fostering, in them, a love for the game as strong as your own.
  • Being a staff member affords me an excellent opportunity to help people. I have found that most newbies wont trust other players initially- when they finally (after a lot of coaxing) allow me to teleport to them and give them full bronze gear they are happy, but it would awesome if people were to trust me from the get-go.
  • Being a staff member means that people are predisposed to know that what you do is for the common good.

I could actually help:

  • I'd love to build a Pvp or Spleef arena (and I have knowledge of some plugins that make this easier).

  • It would be fantastic to work as a staff member from not only a player to player perspective, but on an administrative level as well, helping to create big public works that really affect a player’s experience.
  • There's always work to be done, especially on such a quickly growing server.

Thanks for reading, and I hope I prove to be an excellent candidate!

- Jadeskye

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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