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Status Update for the Technic Crowd!


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Hey guys and gals,

Just like to update the folks on this forum and the Technic crew on Hack/Mine's development (including bug fixing) and my recent ghostliness around the community, and just generally communicate with you guys since I haven't done that explicitly in a while.

Firstly, sorry for not hanging around the forums, servers, and other places as I had done over the summer-- the school year's kicking in with research and project deadlines looming, and I'm pretty frickin' busy. I actually am struggling to even create this thread, since if I don't make progress on a particular research project tonight, my professor will kill me, heh. Anyhow, I'm still developing the mod and am committed to it (as always), but I'm just too swamped to spend countless hours in the community like I used to. Things will improve, though! Don't worry community, we're still friends :) It may be a while before I can be as involved as I previously was, though :(

Secondly, H/M's progress is definitely slowing down (frustratingly so since it's nigh a huge release with that spell system), but it's still chugging along and will continue to do so. Since the last patch, I've fixed some hilarious problems with the mystery dimension (like the extreme lighting-related lag, and entities within it appearing on both the surface and new dimension), added 'dem Phase Creepers, and added that entire scripting language for the spell system, which still has a little ironing out to undergo. However, the new language is at least 95% done, and I've already recreated the existing spells in H/M and then some. Furthermore, those spells are improved from their prior versions, so that change plus the new block physics means things are really exciting. Again, frustratingly so since I'm so busy with other commitments... *sigh* This patch is on the edge of completion, if only I had the time to push it on over...

Thirdly, to bug posters on the other subforum: I apologize for large delays in my responding to bugs, but I always get around to it, and when I do, I tend to sweep through them all at once and pay attention for days thereafter. Again, other commitments are really draining my time, but I do read the bugs and mark them as solved when they are so. And finally, THANK YOU to everyone who report bugs, it helps me tremendously and makes the mod better for everyone who plays. I can't emphasize enough how helpful bug reporting is to me-- that is likely the number one way to give back to the mod, more than suggestions, textures, and models combined. So thank you! And don't be discouraged by the far-from-immediate-responses as of late, since I do address each post (well, of bugs that haven't been reposted thirty times :P)

Finally, to the Technic crew, forum mods, and other devs: I'm still extremely thankful for the opportunity to be around these forums and spotlight you shone on the mod (or is it shined?), and I'm still committed to making the community a better place to be. So much so, that I'm announcing ultra-formally as opposed to just telling you in IRC. But if you need me for anything, please don't hesitate to email me, since I can't always hang around IRC, but I'll always be scanning my inbox. Your combined in-your-face attitude and sense of humor still deeply terrify me, but regardless, I remain loyal to the Technic crown. Sorry again for the absence :/

Progress is progressing! Slowly! But I remain vigilant in the name of godless entertainment! Well, not that godless. Just thought I'd level about some things, mainly my disappearance, so you wouldn't think I'd disappeared forever. I'll try to be on IRC soon, and as soon as my schedule frees up, I'll resume lurking the forums, occasionally posting things, and hopefully posting videos/images of fabled progress.


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Frizzil- thank you so much for the update. This is greatly appreciated as I thought the mod might be dead. I REALLY want to bring my hack/mine server back, but I ran into a lot of issues which caused me to shut it down. I had no way of preventing greifers (or a way to check who griefed and ban), I had spawn protection issues, /spawn issues (character would appear in ground underneath where I set spawn), no way to set map size (at least not to my knowledge), and no sort of ranking. I would like to be able to give people a moderator and/or donor status along with some extra commands with that status. Are you planning on working in any of these things? Thanks again! Look forward to all of the bug fixes and future updates.

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It lives! Not asking for ETAs, but is the update going to be for 1.3.2, and what are some confirmed features? If you don't want to answer, it's fine, I just am really excited for the next H/M update considering how awesome the previous one was.

You exceeded the two week time limit on acceptable Necromancy. The Council of Necromancers is displeased.

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whoever said I was a part of the council of necromancers? and this was a front page thread anyways, it doesn't really count as necromancy.

No comment on the necro, but Frizzle has said that the next update will be for 1.3.2 (skipping 1.2.5 entirely)

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