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new tekkit lite server [15 slots] [pvp and non pvp server] [no whitelist] [anyone welcome] [all ages] [helpful staff] [economy] [survival] [factions]


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this is a new tekkit lite server i have started up we are hoping for a friendly and happy community with helpful staff


server ip:


we are trying our hardest to make more worlds and more fun if you wish to assist with this please let me know.


server rules: 

1:respect everyone

2.anything staff say goes

3.no cheating


server website under construction link will be posted here when finished 

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Any chance one of those worlds will be a hardcore survival world without banned items due to grief concerns? Have been looking for a long time for a pure survival experience playing Tekkit Lite and I can only find servers that have several items banned because they can bypass claims... I understand getting rid of Mystcraft and nukes because they simply can destroy the server's performance a great deal but would love to play again in a hardcore server where the only thing players can't do is duping or hacking.

Let me know if your plans match in any way with this and if they do I would be more than happy to give you a hand.

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