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Rules and Guidelines for Server Posts


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Rules & Guidelines for thread title

It should be in the format:

[modpack slug*1][modpack version*2]Server name[PvP/PvE/etc][# slots][Greylist*3][Any major gameplay changing plugins like iConomy, Towny][Major mods removed]optional slogan

*1 - The slug of the modpack. Only for advertisements posted in Platform: Custom Server Zone.

*2 - The actual modpack version. Not Minecraft version. Stating latest or recommended is not allowed.

*3 - Only if your server is greylisted.


Tekkit servers:

  • [3.1.2]Maid's House of Pancakes![PvE][20 slots][Greylist][Towny][ChopTree2][No EE][No BuildCraft]
  • [3.1.2]Cheaps' Peeps[PvA][15 slots][ChopTree2][No BuildCraft]-Lets get physical, physical.

Custom Servers:

  • [a-super-duper-aweswome-modpack][1.0.0]An Awesome Server[PvP][100 slots][iConomy] Let's fight fight fight!


This way you can get most of the important stuff you are looking for from a server in the thread title. Do not use redundant or useless tags. Just the important information. You can list anything else in your server post.


Title format will be strictly enforced.


Rules & Guidelines for thread post

The thread must have:

  • Server IP
  • Server rules
  • Any mods removed/disabled from the base Modpack
  • A list of all banned items that are from mods not listed as disabled. Not a picture, a list. Please note: These are banned items, not restricted.
  • All major plugins on your server
  • A small section describing the server, even if it's just "I was tired of playing alone, so I put this up, come join me"
  • The expected uptime of the server, 24/7, only Tuesdays, whatever
  • A little bit about the community that is currently playing, or the kind of player you want in your server
  • Any details needed for Whitelist/Greylist applications
  • Some effort. We just need to see that you put some effort into your post, that it was something you thought about for at least a few minutes, rather than just posting. Pictures of awesome stuff on your server, spawn, going really in depth into what and why the server, and so forth.
  • Custom Modpacks ran through Technic Platform should be posted in "Platform: Custom Server Zone" following the same rules above with the inclusion of a link to the modpack's Platform page.

Whitelist vs Greylist vs Open servers:

  • A whitelist server require an application to join the server in the first place. Whitelisted servers belong in the Whitelist server section. Whitelist servers have no further restrictions
  • Grey(or gray)list servers require an application to do anything on the server. Greylist servers belong in the whitelist section. Greylist servers have no further restrictions.
  • Open servers are available for play immediately or near immediately. Open servers belong in the Open server section. Open servers must never have applications to play.
  • All other applications, such as for staff, must be handled so as your thread does not get bumped for it. Some examples of acceptable options: A server admin application in your thread that must be emailed to you. Applications in external forums. Etc..

(Optional) Higher quality posts have:

  • Always have pictures
  • Going the extra mile in formatting
  • Spent a few hours or more working on the post (it shows!)
  • "Flair"
  • A list of all Plugins, big and small. But be smart, if you have PermissionsEx, for example, you don't need to list ModifyWorld and ChatManager, they're assumed.
  • A list of all restricted items that you need to be a mod or become a "trusted user" or whatever to use/place/have.
  • Describe any themes, events, or gimmicks that your server has.

Threads must never have:

  • The center, color, text size, and text font tags outside of headers or similar uses.
  • Anything that could be considered facilitating piracy. For example, stating that your server is an offlinemode server.
  • Racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. language.
  • A donation button in the thread.
  • Your server cannot be "pay 2 play" or any other way of requiring players to pay money before connecting.
  • Applications in the Open Servers forums.

Server posts that do not conform to these standards will be rejected. Meeting most of the criteria in the Higher Quality section is the only way to be a candidate for Deluxing (Do not request Deluxe. If you are a diamond in the rough we will find you. Attempting to buy or beg for Deluxe will result in blacklisting.)

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How long will I have to wait for my thread to be approved?

The average wait time to have your thread approved/denied is about 2 days, give or take depending on volume. There are usually around 10 new server applications a day on weekdays, and much more on weekends. The backlog has grown as high as 200 servers waiting to be approved before. Please be understanding while waiting. We eventually get to all of them.

My post was denied and now it's gone! What the hell?!

If you haven't followed the above guidelines exactly, we have to deny it. We don't have time to fix it for you, or write a big list of what you're missing. You have to make sure you get it right the first time if you want to be approved, otherwise you're wasting your time and ours. In rare cases a mod or admin may take pity and post in your thread asking you to fix things. If that happens, quickly make the changes and be very thankful. That mod has sacrificed some of their own time for you instead of denying your thread. If you do not respond within a reasonable amount of time, your thread will be gone.

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  • Forum Administrators

You may have noticed that there's been an update to the server advertisement areas.

  1. Each section was given a dedicated whitelisted and open server area. Please PM me or report your advertisement to have it moved to the correct location.
  2. All the individual rules for each section were removed and are now governed under these rules. If you're out of compliance please update your advertisements.
  3. An archives area was also created in each section. This is where all the old and dead advertisements will go for historical purposes.


All advertisers have 60 days(August 17) to update their advertisements/have it moved. After this I will start chucking them into the archives.

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  • Forum Administrators
  • Updated some of the formatting.
  • Removed rule allowing modified tekkit servers in the tekkit server advertisement area.
  • Updated title format for custom modpack servers. You now need to put the slug of the modpack in your thread title. Minor oversight on my part for forgetting to put that in there in the last update.

The deadline to comply with these updates is August 17.

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