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can i change my server address instead of using my ip address


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Hi, i have just finished setting up my tekkit server which is 192.***.*.*, but i want to know if i can change it to something like (TekkitBuild&Play) something different, i have look for the commands and many plugins but unable to find this information that i need, is it possible to change my server address?

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Typically a 192.168.*.* IP address is a local address given by a router, and is most likely not a static IP address. In other words, your router could decide to give your computer today, and tomorrow.

But if you want, you could open up your Windows hosts file and assign the name of TekkitBuild&Play to the IP address of, then you could access that IP address via that name. (Assuming & is a valid character to use in a DNS name)

Using that name to access your local machine will only work on your local machine though.

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I believe that in order to do this, you'd have to register a domain name online somewhere, just like if you were starting a website.

Then you would have to configure your server so that it does NOT use dynamic IP addresses (it is usually dynamic by default, but you can make it fixed if you want).

Then configure that domain name to be associated with your now-static IP.

Then people could login to "JasonTekkit.com" or whatever, instead of a series of numbers.

I'm not aware of any other way to make the server name something other than a raw IP address, but I'm certainly no expert. I do know that the above WILL work, though.

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Or with the above, do as I do with the domain and host. I setup the hosts DNS to redirect all traffic with a type A route from tk.alttabgamers.com to my server IP.

SO that way I can have my domain but still redirect diffrent parts to different things..like tk.(address) goes to the server www.(address) goes to my site, ts.(address) goes to a teamspeak server...ect.

all with different IP's

Another good thing about it, is if any of the IP's change..I dont get that 1-3 day 'waiting period' for everyone's DNS to catch up to the changes..since Im just bouncing them to the IP. any changes I make are immediate.

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You've linked us your LAN IP ADDRESS (thats the IP your computer uses to talk to your router) Only people on your home network can connect to you.

Visit this page ( http://bit.ly/rXbYw5 ) it will tell your your WAN IP

(WAN = External | - How other players can connect to you).

(LAN = Internal | - Your brothers inside your home network can connect to you).

To use your External IP simply change the setting in your minecraft server.properties to the following:



Leaving the Server-ip= blank will always use your current IP since its more than likely going to change frequently. (Dynamic IP Address) Vs (Static IP Address).

Further more, you're going to need to make sure you log into your router, open up port 25565 TCP for your LAN IP

If you find me on skype, I can do all of this for you over teamviewer.com (I can remotely fix it and you can watch everything I do step by step) team viewer is free.

my skype = hellocreeper

Make sure you mention I said I would help :)

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