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red power sorting macine


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Hi all, im posting here as i cant seem to find a red power 2 forum of any sort so im asking for your help.

basically im having a problem where my sorting machine blocks the pipe feeding it when rubber wood or rubber (balls) try to be sorted. I have got around it for now using a restiction pipe and feeding them off manually but im interested why the sorting machine wont work with rubber.

I have tested this on SSP and it works ok so i can only assume its a server side issue but not sure where start to look to resolve it.

(yes im the server owner hosted on a linux box)

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or help



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If it works when you do anything in the same machine other than rubber... then it's obviously just a bug. Post it in the bugs, and maybe try posting it on the redpower minecraft forum thread that eloraam reads occasionally.

My off-the-cuff guess is that since Redpower also has its own rubber trees, there is some sort of naming conflict or something. If she used words instead of ID values in the code somewhere, then it might get confused and think you are trying to sort redpower rubber tree wood, when in fact you have IC2 rubber wood in the machine, and so it will never work.

You could verify this theory yourself, by the way, by attempting to send a piece of redpower2 rubber wood through the machine, and see if it DOES sort into your chest.

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there are 2 rubber types yes the type that it in the large rubber tress 3x3 ones works fine but the other does not, but if it was a bug i would expect it to show in ssp too which it does not and works fine on that. Ill add it to the red power minecraft forums and see what happens. Thanks for your help

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here you can see the red and pink tubes into chests


here you can see the items in the machine and there colours. as i said they all work except the rubber wood which blocks the input tube to the sorting machine.


this is the inout, so a timer operating a transposer feeding the sorting machine to the right is the output, the left is a restricion pipe which feeds a chest this prevents the pipe blocking.

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Im not feeding the sorted with redstone just the transposer, and im using a transposer as a filler will only move full stacks, i prefer to move single items for now. the left hand chest is a temp fix for the rubber wood to goto to prevent the sorting machine input pipe blocking up.

im not sure what you means by unid'd ?

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ok i have been able to replicate it in ssp. basically everything was working fine but it failed once i switched the sortig machine colours ie

pink - stone

orange - rubber

while running switch over the colours so

pink = rubber

orange = stone

this then fails and to fix it you have to brake the sorter and replace it will remain failed even if you swopped the colours back

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