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[3.1.2]ExtremeProCraft[PvP/PvE][50 Slots][Open][TreeAssist][Plotme][EE On]


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Hello All

After being whitelisted for a few month we have decided to open up to the public

we are a friendly community with helpfull staff who are always happy to help

There is a plot world in our server which is hostile free so users are free to create there structures in peace but if you like living on the edge feel free to live in the wild =).

we have only a small list of banned items compared to most so you can enjoy your tekkit more

Server ip:

Slots: 50

Uptime: 24/7

Location: United Kingdom

Ram: 16gb


Tree assist

Chest Shop


Creeper Control


Mob catcher

Tekkit Restrict

Player Trade

Simple Help Tickets

Simple Warnings




No Griefeing

No Stealing

No Spamming Chat

No Cheating

No Advertising

No Leaveing Floating tree Tops

Be Respectfull to ALL players

and most importantly Have Fun

Banned Items:

DM Frurnace

RM Furnace

Nova Catalyst



Industrial Tnt

World Anchor

Dimensional Anchor

Forcefield Core

Destruction Catalyst

Evertide Amulet

Volcanite Amulet

Black Hole Band

Ring Of Ignition

Zero Ring

Ring Of Arcana

Void Ring

Watch Of Flowing Time

Catalytic Lens

RM Hammer

DM Hammer

Red Morning Star

Murcurial Eye

Server Images:

Plot Town Spawn


Wild Spawn Area




Nether Spawn


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The server is down everyone, the box at the data centre got moved and they have us on a que of two hours after the box owner contacts them and the box owner logged off of his computer. So now all we do is wait. Sorry about the down time, but we will have it up asap. -Admin KyleComer113

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Ok. Hoping I help clear up confusion. (and not cause more of it. :P)

This server is ( And I have not played with you guys on it yet. They took this one down and started working on it to become a Tekkit w/Towny server to be opened to us all later.

This is not to be confused with the other EPC server ( which I have been playing on. It is temporarily down until Hoogie or Morris can get their computers back up to reboot the server.

The post on this forum for this server is: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/3-1-2-new-extremeprocraft-pve-50-slots-open-lwc-treeassist-ee-on-but-restricted-anti-grief.26923/page-1 for the .244 server.

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