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[3.1.2]TheOnlyFunkyTekkit[PVE][20 Slots][Whitelisted][Factions][iConomy][Some EE Elements Removed]


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Hello Guys. I am here with my server, and this server is called The Only Funky Tekkit. Here is the essential stuff you need to know:

Server Ip:

The Parts of Tekkit that have been disabled from this server: Nukes, Crafting Table MKIII, Infernal Armour, Vulcanite Amulet [The best parts of EE ARE still in there such as the Destruction Catalyst and the Catalytic Lens]

Major Plugins: Essentials, Groupmanager [Groups such as Member, Guest, Admin, etc],iConomy, Factions, LWC [You can lock your chests], Slap [its just a bit of fun really, if somebody has done a cruel joke and the others dont find it funny, the admins can punish them with /slap which will make them fly into the air a couple of blocks]

Server Forum/Website: http://sheeponfire.net/

Description of the server and what we believe in as a community: The actual server is part of a community which is much larger, The Sheep on Fire community, The link to the website and forums is above. The owners of this community me and my friend Jacob who is the guy who started it want to achieve one thing. That all the people who join either the Tekkit Server or the other server have fun and are respected. That is what The Only Funky Tekkit is all about. Respect. Anyone who joins the server is welcomed by everyone on the server so that the player feels at home at the server. Some players will welcome them into their "companies" and/ or offer them support and guidance.

Another thing we strive to achieve here at The Only Funky Tekkit is the trust we place in our players. Not banning certain destructive items such as the destruction catalyst is a sign of trust in our players and it pays off. If you trust your players with the items and ask them nicely not to use it in spawn. They will do as you say.

We love new people joining the server, and we love to watch the server grow, it has been growing slowly but nicely and now we decided it was time to post on here. To see if we can get even more people to join.

What we do ask, as the Sheep on Fire community is that you do read our rules and regulations and write that you accept them on your whitelist application.

FOR RULES TYPE /rules [Not all of the above rules will be on the list that shows below, this does not mean they do not comply.

Thanks for reading. I will now leave you with the server rules and some images of the server [Which will be explained]. Once again thanks for reading



1. No Griefing [For obvious reasons]

2. No Stealing

3. No abusive language toward players and especially staff.

4. Please don't leave floating trees. Im sure everyone agrees that they are irritating and ugly.

5. Don't build on or near spawn.

6. Don't ask for commands you don't have without a reason. [unless you think that that rank should definitely have it, I will then look into this]

7. Don't make nukes. [They don't work]

8. Respect all players on the server, especially staff

9. Be social, talk to people, be helpful, its what the server is about after all

10. There is no PVP in the normal world. PVP in the normal world will be treated as murder. All PVP is to be kept in the nether. So be weary the next time you go there.


Factories made by Hubertis

Left a emc farm made more complicated and fast by some machinery, Right a small Redstone Engine Factory with 0 overflow.



This is spawn. We decided that we did not want our players to feel enclosed, so we put the spawn in a mushroom biome to add a unique touch to spawn but overall the spawn is very simple and extremely open. We think this is the best. The signs ahead just have some simple rules.


TO be whitelisted, you just need to Write your IGN and you have to have read and accepted the rules. Its easier if you do it by the website


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