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cobble generator


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Hi all I'm new here but I've been playing tekkit for some time now. I'm looking cobble generator design that does not use block breakers or quarries as they are not allowed in the build world on the server I play on. So if someone has a design that i could use I would be SO happy.

PS: This is for a solar factory that uses a mass fabricator and the cobble generator makes cobble for a recycler which feeds scrap into my mass fabricator.

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Use the IC2 miner.

Basically set up a small square, have lava and water nearby to create the cobble, and the IC2 miner a block above the are it'll dig. Then behind that, put some cheap ore like copper or tin behind the square you made to contain the water/lava to make the cobble. Throw in an OD scanner, iron drill, and 2 mining pipes into your IC2 miner. Apply power.

What will happen here is that the IC2 miner will attempt to go after the ore. It'll dig down once and then the OD scanner will pick up that there is copper and attempt to dig it. The water/lava -should- make cobble fast enough to keep up with the digging speed of the miner.

Bear in mind you cannot leave this alone, otherwise it'll eventually get the ore and stop. So you'll need to reset the ore and start it over. It's a high maintenance ordeal.

There are a number of ways to fill recyclers and clearly a cobble generator isn't the best.

1. If you're in a biome that allows snowmen, you can set them up in a piston area that pushes them around and breaks the snow they leave behind into snowballs. Have transposers set up to collect the snowballs (they collect things in a 5x5 area around, somewhat like an obsidian pipe, only it needs a redstone pulse. That can easily be hooked up in conjunction with the piston pulses). Run those into a compressor for ice, then into your recycler.

2. If you're not in a biome that allows snowmen, you can use the IC2 pump/compressor setup, where the pumps will draw water (from an infinite source, obviously) and put it into the adjacent compressor, creating snow. Run that to another compressor to make ice, which can be dumped in a recycler for scrap.

Both work, but #1 produces a lot more scrap using little power, where the other setup is a work around for the lack of snowmen.

Hope that helps.

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Use a saw and cut up your cobblestone into RP2 half blocks. 2 Cobblestone blocks converts into one stack of Corner Covers giving you a %3100 increase in items for the recycler, at the cost of your saws. You can also use a talisman of repair if they are enabled on your server to keep your saws, just remember to switch them out often so you do not use them.

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Redpower. Have a couple of block breakers and generate cobble underneath them, have redstone pipes leading out each one into a chest or condenser and power the redstone pipes with a Timer

He's already mentioned that his server doesn't allow Block Breakers.

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