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Tekkit ideas thread


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I have been looking around for a thread to just bounce ideas around and help eachother out with solutions and improvments, but I haven't found one so I decided to start one myself. Feel free to post any ideas, suggestions for builds, builds that you need help to finish or half complete ideas/projects. :)

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Do you like circuits / redstone / computer stuff? That's right up my alley.

I had an idea to build a starship in the sky, everything will be controlled by a central mainframe(individual lights in hallways/rooms, doors to places, virtual "flight.") using CC. Say your cabin door is locked and you want access to it, you enter your credentials into the console next to your room, and you send the command to open your room door. The mainframe acknowledges that you are the right user to open this door, so it sends back the verified command to open your door. Or if you are a guest, the mainframe sees this and then sends the request("Can I come in?") to inside the room, if the user is not inside their room, it sends the request to wherever that user is "logged in."

Or if the commander says there is an intruder, s/he can then send the command to lockdown all private quarters until further notice, or if there is a air leak somewhere, you could send the 'lock everything down' command. Lots of fun things can do. I might add the option to hack systems and gain entry to otherwise restricted areas. ("Would you like to Brute force this console?") or, (inject code into line).

Extremely complex, but that is, of course, the fun of it. Then again, if you don't go for this computer type stuff, this would be hell.

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