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Lost energy (real life) and my Minecraft Sever does't run any more


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What? No, don't try anything that drastic first. Since it is an ender chest problem, you should first try to delete all your ender chests (back up and then delete all the files in World/EnderStorage). I suspect that will allow it to run again.

If it does, then try adding the ender chests back in one at a time. I'm guessing it was one particular ender chest that somebody had open when the server went down. Hopefully you can only cause that one player to lose their chest.

If none of that works, then delete the whole ender chest mod.

Only if neither of those work would I suggest wiping the world. Players don't like world to be wiped, and doing it that rashly is shooting yourself in the foot. Only if other less drastic options fail.

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I can't delete it because I can't even loguin there.

And its a personal chest, no one else playes there. I just don't want to lose what I've done already.

There were two ender chests, one in the nether and one in the overworld, I was Pumping lava from the nether.

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Didn't work

Well okay, but I have absolutely no idea what the new problem is, because you didn't even scroll your screenshot to the actual error.

Please post real, full, in-text error logs with the code tags here (the ones that look like {}#), not screenshots of your tiny little command prompt.

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