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Artist Wanted! Musician Wanted!


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I'm here representing a small group of people starting up a YouTube Channel, we're looking for people who can create great pieces of artwork to accompany our videos (Lots of Minecraft/Tekkit lets plays and more) and also people who can create awesome musical intros or endings for our videos. If you can provide us with any of the two things described above (and we choose you) we would invite you to join our group properly, instead of using you as just a resource.

Cheers to all who consider this offer :)

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I would edit that post and remove the name bit.

Just a friendly reminder

I was just signing my name at the bottom...

Whats this group called? And how much are you expecting out of the art? Or any specific style? Im not saying Im that good, but I can do a bit.

The name of the group is currently undecided yet :P, as for the art, The specifics include the YouTube channel backgrounds and Video intro sequences, we're not too bothered about the style, as long as it basically looks good, and we're not expecting Michelangelo standard :D but we would require something more than what an 8 year old could do (unless they were amazingly good at art, but then they're an anomaly).

Hope this helps :)

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I could provide something Im sure as far basic decent looking logos and sorta simple cover/closure panels. Im in the process of bumping up the quality on my channel as well. I also have some skill with editing as well should that be required. I use premier cs5.5 and have presets already made up for 720 and 1080p video ready for youtube. If your pressed for music, I suggest you go grab a track or 2 from newgrounds until your decently known and people will be more excited to help you.

If your curious as to why I'm eager to help, Im looking for places to outsource myself and spread knowledge of my own channel, one way to do that with out being a beggar is by linking up with other potential youtube talent.

Like I say I dont have a HUGE amount to offer art-wise, but I can manage to make something that looks decent given I have a general idea what is needed, Im more of graphic design rather then artist, thats to say take an image, crop out bits I need, make a texture, design a background out of shapes and layers and then tada, something decent, not draw on paper or tablet and make custom sprites of your in game characters, if thats spicifcily what your looking for I might be able to but the quality would be sparatic between one thing to another and its not what I a really good at.


What Munaus was saying, they dont like you signing your name on these forums, if you ask why Im not really specifically sure myself, but they say not to in the rules somewhere.

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