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Tekkit needs a new motto.


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  • 2 months later...

Was this one from that huge rage post where the guy basically said "IM A THICK SH*T, YOU SPEND TOO MUCH TIME TRYING TO WORK OUT STUFF THAT MY TINY BRAIN CAN'T UNDERSTAND, YOU SHOULD BE LIKE ME AND FAIL AT SCHOOL, GCSES AND LIFE IN GENERAL BECAUSE I HAVE SWAGGER AND CAN SWAGGER TO MY JOB SELLING NEWSPAPERS ON STREET CORNERS WHILE YOU DRIVE BY IN FLASHY CARS BECAUSE I FAIL AT LIFE BUT THINK SWAGGER IS ALL THAT YOU NEED TO GET THROUGH LIFE!" By any chance? That huge rant was hilarious, and made me wish that YouTube had a comment whalebox... He quite literally thought that swagger was the most important thing in life, and could get you further than getting a job.

I sometimes worry about the world...

Then I realise it's not my problem.

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