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Installing extra mods?

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Im wanting to add extra mods to the launcher.

Is it possible so i can edit it so i select more mods to go in tekkit and then i can give my friends the launcher so it automatically gets them the mods for my server?

If not possible with technic launcher is it possible with regular minecraft?

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I do think the Technic team has the consent of Mojang.

Actually, they don't have consent but they don't need it as they don't distribute the Minecraft.jar file. The launcher communicates with Mojang servers (the same way Minecraft does) and downloads the info from there (just like normal Minecraft). They don't give you the file, Mojang does.

Even still.. Im not going to not try and do it.

That is just stupid, it is free anyway.

The modpack is, Minecraft is not.

As for your initial question, AFAIK you cannot configure the launcher to download more mods and then give it to someone. You can add mods your self but there is no way to get the launcher to save these added mods and send it to someone.

As for the legal argument, I would advise you stay away from that. Bottom line is don't distribute the minecraft.jar file.

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Learning something everyday!

Yes, it's possible. You'll have to fork the Technic Launcher here.

@Bright: The launcher downloads Minecraft from Mojang's servers the same way the vanilla launcher does. There's nothing illegal about it or Jamie's idea. EDIT: ninja'd

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Modpack.jar is totally legal to distribute. Install all the mods, then, and this is the important bit remove minecraft.jar from the tekkit folder, then send the tekkit folder to your friends, have them add their own minecraft.jar and it should work fine.

Also, make sure any mods that are usually installed in the minecraft.jar are installed in the modpack.jar. (which I assume is allowed to distribute?)

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