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I Cant Change My Skin..

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My skin is currently a Steve and i don't know how to make my skin the one i want it to be
I have been having this issue for while because i am playing tekkit classic multiplayer with a few friends but they dont have a problem with their skins
but my skin is a steve.
i tried changing my skin normally on the minecraft,net page and where you normally change your skin
but my skin on the tekkit classic is still a steve.

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This may help. Please check, test and confirm.

My son had exactly the same problem, we downloaded Tekkit and installed a few Modpacks (Attack of the B Team, Tekkit and Tekkit Legends). We downloaded a skin (.png) and followed the Majong profile update route and uploaded the png and this worked for "normal" Minecraft. He then also saw this is not updating in Tekkit and this is what I did to update the skins (and it seems to be fine on his local PC).


  • OS: Windows 10
  • Java Version: 8


  • Navigate to : C:\Users\<Your User>\AppData\Roaming\.technic\modpacks - here you will see all the downloaded modpacks (attack-of-the-bteam, tekkit-legends, tekkit-main, vanilla). Yours may have different modpacks listed here.
  • Go to the bin folder e.g. tekkitmain - bin to find a minecraft file (.jar = Java Archive file)
  • Open file in WinRar or in my case 7-Zip and navigate to assets -> minecraft -> textures -> entity folder. Here you will find a file named "steve.png".
  • Rename your downloaded .png to steve.png and replace steve.png with your downloaded steve.png and save the changes. In 7-zip you just drag the downloaded .png into this folder and save the changes.

You will have to repeat the same procedure for all modpacks but this seems to be working fine for us.



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Keep in mind that'll only affect you on the clientside. If you go onto a server you will still look like Steve to everyone else. And anyone with a Steve skin will look like your skin. And anyone who's done the same thing will see their skin on you. And etc.

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I just have 1 question for tekkit clasic and older packs before 1.3 will the server for changing skins ever be like relaunched or something like that so we will be able to change our skins again? on multipalyer bty so other people will see you as you see yourselfe


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