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preference separation?


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Is there any chance of separating the watched threads preference between replied to threads and authored threads? I want to watch threads i make, but I really don't want to watch every single thread I reply to.

Also, I would change the default user setup to not be emailed for every single watched thread post. From past website administration that is a metric ass-ton of unnecessary server load.

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If you go into your preferences there is an option to turn off e-mails and to stop automatically watching threads you reply to. Unfortunately if you uncheck the auto watch it stops automatically watching threads that you create.

hence why I asked if there could be a tweak done to separate the two.

and yes, I know there is the option to turn off the emails. My point was from a server admin stance I wouldn't have that on by default simply from a load/bandwidth/cpu usage standpoint.

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i'm tempted to go cheaps route simply because its a pain in the ass to unwatch every damn thread you trol...er respond into.

And yes, its alot of effort to unwatch 10 pages of threads from 9 months if you haven't been keeping up to date :/

I was only wondering if it was at all feasible within the forum software to separate the two choices.

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