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If i was to buy a Tekkit server host, how much MB should I get?


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Use this formula to figure out your usage, 0.3MB/s per user. It would then depend on how long you guys are on, but, having extra won't hurt. It would suck to hit your cap and get cut off or hit with a fee or something.

Unless NASA is hosting his minecraft game, I'm pretty sure he is talking about RAM, not download/upload speed?

Or maybe disk space?

I really have no idea. Let's just cover all possibilities:

Upload/Download: 0.3MB/s per person, more or less. 300 MB/s download speed is like... what you would have for a particle accelerator intranet, not a hosting service.

RAM: Probably a gigabyte or so for tekkit, at least. Definitely more, ideally.

Hard Drive Space: 300-400MB would be fine to hold a small world, for sure.

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He was talking about data usage of the players for the server he is using through a service, not RAM or HDD space on his computer.

How do you know?

A host service would have ALL of those numbers as things a customer would have to consider. You would want to know how much memory their hosting computer has, how much HDD space they're willing to allocate to you, the upload/download speed, the maximum data bandwidth per month, etc. etc. And ALL of those things are measured in megabytes... So if he just says "how many megabytes do I need?" that is completely ambiguous.

Also, 300-400 MB doesn't line up well with like... any of those numbers, as a package deal offered by a hosting service. No minecraft host would ever be able to offer 300 MB/s bandwidth. And if you're talking bandwidth per month, then 300-400MB would be pathetically small. Even the puniest monthly deals are generally at LEAST 100 gigabytes a month, and he would need even more than that.

300-400 is also really poor for RAM. And sufficient perhaps for HDD space, but pretty miserly on the host's part.

So what the hell does it mean?

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