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Launcher can't connect to minecraft.net


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*insert bad ebook pun here*

It's kind of lonely being the only one on my server online :(

@mollstam Even Reddit is down! :(

The black holes of the internet have been shut.

Mollstam is trying to move from the affected hardware but it’s proving hard.

Control panel is a bit broken and system is lagging. No ETA.

Tobias Mollstam@mollstam

I’m getting some better life signs from Amazon now. Clear! *rubs defib pads*

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I'm just throwing this out there, but the error could be linked to the new pack they are releasing, Hexxit. It could somehow interfere with the connection to servers, and the problem might be addressed when Hexxit is released. Not facts, just a theory.

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Have you migrated your minecraft account to a mojang account?

I had this error then I looked at this post and remembered migration while trying to post on help.mojang.com

When I put in my email it worked.

Hope this works for you ;-) ---- (If it does a thanks would be nice)

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