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[3.1.2]HybridTekkit[PvP][50 slots][Towny, iConomy, Multiverse][24/7] "2 worlds, 2 ways to play"


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IGN: _delraruk_

Age: 15

How long have you been playing on this server? i have been playing on this server for about three weeks and have loved every minute of playing it

Why do you want to be a moderator?

I would like to be a moderator because i am quite experienced at tekkit/technic and have helped quite a lot of people with problems and i am probably on almost 24/7 (trust me i have no life) no but seriously i really enjoy helping people and answering questions and sometimes when i help somone as creepy as it sounds i feel all happy and useful inside also im happy to tell people about minecraft or tekkit as i have been playing minecraft for about a year.

What do you think moderators do? i think moderators are there to help answer questions and give general advice even if it is really obvious also to make sure people are sticking to the rules and are not doing what they shouldnt

Any experience as a moderator or an admin? not really however i do run a lot of LAN partys but i suppose that doesn't count

What timezone are you in? greenwich meridian time, london

Anything else you want to tell me? no the server is brilliant and even if you decline my request i will still be happy to answer peoples questions and play tekkit as normal thank you :)

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Does anyone know how to access tekkit world files on a mac because I want to send a single player world save to a friend. -Spart1

yeh click on finder then click at the top "go" then scroll down to got to folder then type ~/Library/Application Support then click enter

then find .technic launcher then look in there for the folder saves

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Age:20 (21 in Jan)

How long have you been playing on this server? About 3-4 Weeks now

Why do you want to be a moderator? Because I love to help other out with the issues they're having, whether it be with building, gathering resources, or another player.

What do you think moderators do? I believe a moderator's job is to not only enforce the rules of the server, but provide assistance to anyone and everyone who requests it within the community.

Any experience as a moderator or an admin? On Minecraft? No, I have never been a moderator nor a Admin. But I am very eager to get some.

What timezone are you in? Eastern Time Zone

Anything else you want to tell me? I have established myself among some of the active daily players as sort of middle ground when it comes to their disputes. I think that combined with who I am as a person would be a very valuable asset to your team.

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Hey guys, on the first week weekend of December, mod istevy, mod tomo1012, lowe54, corvetteblac2, spart1 will be hosting a early Christmas event. There will be games and more, pvp is not allowed, you will be penalized but will get your items at the end of the day, we will also have a pvp arena where u get to battle it out for prizes and more but u will only be able to use leather armor and wooden swords. Also presents will be given out at start. At the end of each the day we will have a secret prize for those who get the most points. so come one come all.

also if u have any sugestions of what games plz lets us know

more events will be added

sorry guys but i have loads of tests coming up on the first week of dec, I wont be able to host all the time so im changing it for this weekend so please come sorry for the inconvenience thank you

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hi guys just a faithfull player here errm it apears i have been banned but i have no idea why except "griefing the south warp" however my internet has been cut off for 1-2 weeks by virgin also im not the only person been banned PS360_uk has also been banned for griefing i again dont know why but i cant speak for him so please can i have a good explanation of why i have been banned

thanks again - a player who would eventually like to be MOD but cant be on the server to show im worth it XXX thank you

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You both were probably banned because you broke one block in a warp accidentally or not. You were banned by one of the moderators, not me. The logs can be hard to read, I have made the same mistake in the past. I will unban you, sry for this inconvenience.

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1. Stevethecreeper1

2.14 years of age

3.3 months under the username poppincandy100

4.I like helping people out and make the server the best it can be

5.They help people who are in need of help and do helping out around the server

6. I have not had any experience as a moderator but i think i can handle the responsibility

7.Greenwich mean time (London, England)

8.This server is great

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