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I need help with blutricity!


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How exactly does blutricity move around? I have the following setup:

solar panel -> array of battery boxes -> jacketed bluewire -> battery box

Power is not getting to the second battery box. A volmeter shows 90.97V 2.84A at the start of the bluewire and 90.92V 0.42A at the end. I'm guessing some power is getting through but it's painfully slow, considering how the boxes in the array are at least all half full and the only other thing attached to them are a couple of frame motors that aren't even running. The jacketed wire is only 5 to 6 blocks long.

Note that I can't use regular bluewire because the wire is part of a moving frame ship. The ship is stationary right now. Does it matter whether it's jacketed or not?

Thanks in advance! :)

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You know you can just use panels and attach the wire to that?

Yes I do, but that particular wire is to be destroyed and re-created by block breakers and deployers as the quarry head extends down so that particular part of the system I can only use jacketed.

Anyways it eventually charged everything up after a few hours... Any way to make it faster? ._.

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RedPower Blutricity always moves around by equalizing itself. If you have a huge amount of battery boxes wired up to each other, and you look at the energy count of one, that'll also be the energy count of the others. It's a bit weird, since most machines will only start working when the Battery Box is relatively full.

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