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[1.1.1] Dreamer Craft 100 Slot Server | FREE RANK | NO LAG | Parties | Crates | Almost No Banned Items | Professional Staff | ✔Play.Dreamercraft.org


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Server Website - http://dreamercraft.org/
Server IP - Play.Dreamercraft.org
Teamspeak Server - ts3.dreamercraft.org

Come celebrate the servers grand opening!


Hello and welcome to Dreamer Crafts server page! Are you are looking for a server with a very small amount of banned items, no lag, professional staff, and exciting features? Well look no further! Here at Dreamer Craft we strive to make the player experience more enjoyable for you and other members of the community! With our experienced staff and wonderful players this server will soon be the #1 Tekkit Legends Server around so make sure you get on early! We look forward to seeing you on the server! Have a great day! 

==> 100 Slots! <==
==> Parties! <==
==> Absolutely no lag! <==
==> Disguises! <==
==> EnderChests! <==
==> Lockette and Claim blocks! <==
==> 99% Uptime! <==
==> Dedicated and Professional Staff! <==
==> Free Rank! <==
==> Much much more to come! <==

This is an amazing server and were just starting to grow! Make sure you get on early before everyone else does!

Come join us and may your dreams become a reality!


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Dreamer Craft Update - Tuesday, May 24 2016


Crates and Crate Keys

Hello Tekkit Legends players! We added a few plugins today to add to your playing experience! You may notice there are 3 colorful boxes at spawn now, these are crates, and you can win cool prizes! You can win anything from ranks, admin items, or even machines!



The luck all depends on you! The way you get a key for one of these crates is to either vote, or donate for the server, I do plan on adding more methods later on with future updates!


Player Shops

Added player chest shops so people can spend and make money off the materials and items they craft! Did you ever want to be a millionaire in Minecraft? Well, start selling your hard earned work and make great cash! 




In order to setup a shop, just hit a empty chest with the item you want to sell and follow the onscreen instructions! Then fill the chest with the item you want to sell and you have yourself a small shop! 

*Make sure to claim your shops though to protect your precious resources!*


- Dreamer Craft Staff



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Dreamer Craft Update - Friday, May 27th 2016



Hello Dreamer Craft players! Today marks the first week that this server has been online and what a week it has been! It went from nothing to everything it is now today because of you guys! We now have a steady player base, economy, mall, and even some real base setups happening, I couldn't be more excited about it!

So just to show you guys how much I care, I will be doing regular updates every week to try and make your experience better! 




Dueling and PvP

I designed this server around the idea of a true Non-PvP survival Tekkit Legends experience, but with that in mind, I do know it does get a little straining to have to think and build every moment that your on the server. 

As a PvP and Faction player at heart, I know the importance of winding down and taking your stress out on other people! This is why I added the new DUEL system! You can start off by using it with the /duel command.


Once you have chosen the person you want to duel with, it will send a invite to the player you entered into the command, and either they can accept it or ignore it. If they accept your duel invite, you will get brought to a kit screen.


- Ranger: If you like fighting with bows, this is the fight for you!

- Guns: I wanted to add some gun play into the update, so try it out and let me know!

- Sword Play: This is the gamemode for the classic sword fight!

Currently, we only have 3 kits but I will be adding more in future updates! After you choose one of the 3 types of kits to use, you will be teleported to our 1 on 1 arena! Here is where you will fight to the death and show your enemy who the better PvPer is!


Getting Stuck In Queue

Another cool feature of the new update is that, even if you play alone you can still find a PvP match if other people are looking! Just type /battle and the gamemode selector will show up! In this menu you can either choose 1 on 1 (Skull), Party vs Party (Cobwebs), or a Party Battle (Clock). In order to enter Party vs Party or the Party Battle gamemodes you must first be apart of a party of two or more. Then choose the gamemode in the selector and wait for another team to join!




Party PvP

If you have been playing on Dreamer Craft the past week, you know parties are a big thing of ours and its something that we want to try and enhance on as we progress through the development of the server! So because of the new PvP update, we have had to change the way our party system works. In result though, we have added some awesome PvP features to the party system to keep fighting out of the regular Tekkit Legends world! Just type /party to see the new commands!


*As with all new updates there could be a few bugs, if you find any please report them on the forum and be rewarded!*


Have an amazing day and enjoy your time on Dreamer Craft!


- Dreamer Craft Staff



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This is hands down the best minecraft server i have been on to date! the voting system they have in place in very intuitive and also rewarding for playing on the server to vote everyday. All of the staff are very helpful and always try the best they can to fix any problems you have, thats even if you dont understand the mods. I have never seen staff so helpful. And the community are all very friendly and trade with you for items and that can be very helpful of those tricky mods. i think i have found a server i will keep playing for a very long time 10/10 IGN  

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Been playing on this server for almost the whole time it has been up, and have been loving it. 
The admins and the owner helped me to figure out a technical issue with reconnecting and went to exstensive length to figure it out.
The spirit of this server is very light and happy, and the people there, not only the admins are ready to help with anything or just chat around.
Best server i've tested 10/10

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Out of all the Tekkit Legends servers I've seen, This is the best one so far. There is almost little to no banned items. And they are only banned to make sure everyone has a fun time. And The server is always on, as well  There is always n people on the server, Who joke and talk. There is No Lag. And There is at least one or two mods and Admin Or the owner on and they are always helpful and want to help improve your experience  And they will always help no matter what.  Overall this is a great and fun server, With a great Voting system implemented. i can't wait to see what new things they Add!

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Great server so far its almost lag free and the staff seem very profesional and none irritable.When ifirst join the server i got many welcomes and on most servers you wont even get one this server is popular for a reason.so far 10/10 server and its very easy to get addicted because its a great server

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I've been on the server from the start and I've really seen the server grow from nothing to what it is now. Each aspect that the server has to offer really adds to the overall experience of the server and is really helpful to new players and also veteran ones. Staff is almost always active helping in every way possible. I can only see a glorious future for the server and its users. By far the best Tekkit Legends server out there!


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Where do I even begin on this server? They have an amazing community, great vote system, and amazing staff! Lets start off with the community. The people are friendly and always will to give help and advice. The same thing goes for the staff members as well! A staff member has once spent well over an hour with me trying to fix an automated factory! They are constantly helping and always active. There has never not been a staff member online! Next, they have a booming economy! With a mall, you can buy your own shop there for a cheap price, and contribute to the economy even more! Next, this server has been growing at a constant rate! I have joined this server the 3rd day of it being up and never looked back! Its constantly growing player-base allows you to meet new friends and help out! The staff members and developers have created a dueling arena perfect for breaks while you are waiting on your machines! With /duel you become a warrior in an arena with a party of friends! It is great while you are waiting on your EMC generators to produce that oh so amazing red matter! Lastly, they have an amazing build team to build various buildings! This is easily the friendliest most welcome and least laggy server I have ever been on! 10/10 ~Mike


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This server is a very new server, and yet you can hardly tell. It has more than 30 people at peak hours, and isn't even 2 weeks old! The server has nice staff, who are always willing to help you out. Everyone is willing to talk in the chat and joke around, no one seems to get mad. If someone is trolling, the mods and admins are on it immediately, making sure that the discomfort of a troll is as short as possible. I haven't seen a single staff member get mad at anyone, and don't think I will with the way they always keep a positive, happy attitude. There is a huge mall to shop in! I like to just go around looking, the design is so cool. There is an economy, so I can always get items that I need at a fair price, at any time! Other server members do not hesitate to give advice where I ask either, even going so far as to teleport to me and make sure I have everything set up correctly. I've had my base saved because a fellow member recognized a mistake I made when building a nuclear reactor, and quickly remedied it! I don't get laughed at for not knowing a certain mod either, everyone is there to help! This server has plenty of mods to use, and I've spent many hours just having fun building a cool suit of armor, some awesome machine, or an awesome new tool to use.  There are interesting natural spawns, fun giveaways, and a battle arena where I can fight my friends. I can even party, and fight on teams against other party's. There is a Team Speak 3 server so I can chat with fellow members and staff, and communicate with them on fun things to do, I've even got to have a fun fight with multiple staff in the battle arena. All around, this server has just about everything I could ever ask for, a fun community, nice staff, and lots of stuff to do!

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