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[1.1.1] Small Whitelisted Community Looking For Nice Players | Tekkit Legends

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IGN: ColeoCraft

Age: 12

Skype: minecraftxd123abc

Experience: i have played tekkit scince the technic modpack and up to now and i know almost all of the mods in tekkit legends and i just was playing another server but i have so much emc it got boring so now im lokking for a new server to join and iv never joined a server thats white listed

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My in game name is Moon_Tower ... I'm 30 ... I've played this mod pack a good bit and I'm looking for a server to play on with people working together to build cool things ... I love minecraft it's just hard to find good serverstuff with people not killing each other over and over again or people just destroying everything ... hope to hear from you soon

My steam name is Jcourtade it's easier to come tact me on it


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IGN: dssyIg

Age: 16

Experience: I have played a lot of the Tekkit Classic and Direwolf20 but not Tekkit Legends.

I'm looking forward to join your server.

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IGN: RamblingGambler

Age: 17

Experience: Played tekkit when it came out, liked it allot then i took a break and im looking to get back into it seems like a server like this would be a nice place to start.

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ign: whoareyou712

age: 16

experience: i havent really played this modpack very much but have played a lot of tekkit classic and a bit of regular tekkit, i think i am well experienced with equivalent exchange, buildcraft and industrial craft mod and would be willing to help anyone in need of assistance. :) 

i really want to play on your server because playing by yourself is boring and pubic servers are usually a mess because they have too many people playing on them.

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IGN: flameskateboard

Age: 13

Skype: flameskateboard

Experience: I have quite a bit of experience in this pack,from ProjectE to IC2. I know lots of mods. (mostly due to watching the cubgames tekkit legends lets play) I'm willing to mine. chop down trees, and craft items that we need! I am also basically a living encyclopedia on this pack, I have wanted to get a new start in a new server for some time as well.

I really hope you will allow me to start on your server, just like Oneironz says, playing survival alone can get boring.

I hope to hear from you eventually. (I know this is a post from 2016 but I still have hope)

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