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[1.1.1] Small Whitelisted Community Looking For Nice Players | Tekkit Legends

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Hello everyone!

I just got a Tekkit Legends server hosted with 4gbs of RAM and I'm looking for a few mature people to come join, preferably with some Tekkit experience. I'd like to build a nice, fun, and helpful community. The server will be whitelisted so if you're interested reply to this with your IGN, age, and a little about your tekkit experience. The goal here is to build a nice, mature community where we can all have fun.

Also I wasn't going to add any plugins because I want to play the mod pack in its pure form, therefore I am looking for people that can be trusted not to grief and what not. Although if people would prefer to have some plugins we can do that. Let me know if you're interested!


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Hey everyone, My name is Joey, I am 16 years old

My timezone is CEST but i can be online most of the time since i have vakation for 6 weeks

I woud like to join this server and play along side people

I am a verry nice person if i say so myself i can be online most of the time 

My IGN= JoeyUP   My skype= joeymilan1

If i woud to be accepted to this comunity i woud be very happy, have a nice day and i'l hear about it



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IGN: armymax615

Age: 13

Ive played alot of tekkit, made it to "endgame" alot... so i wanna meet some new people and play

3 minutes ago, armymax615 said:

IGN: armymax615

Age: 13

Ive played alot of tekkit, made it to "endgame" alot... so i wanna meet some new people and play

How are we going to obtain the IP adress when we are whitelisted?

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IGN: finfire

Age: 13

Experience: I didn't play tekkit really much but i saw a lot  of youtube videos and i know some basics of the modpack... Maybe you can help me,i would really appreciate it.

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IGN - bittenfleax

Age: 17

I played Tekkit Classic since the day it came out so for a lot of years now. Completed it multiple times. Played Tekkit Legends for a few weeks and is basically what I am looking for due to Tekkit Classic being fairly saturated now.

Now got the hang of it due to older items still being in.

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In game name - Steel_OverMetal

Age - 17

History - I played a large amount of classic Tekkit back when it was new and fresh off the 'shelf so to say', and I've only just come back to Tekkit legends to get a fresh start, and I'm looking for a fairly small community that i will be able to get along with.

Also - new to the forums so how would i know if i have been accepted or declined?

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Hello my IGN is cjditto my age is 14, my email is [email protected], my Skype is cjditto and so is my steam and my history with this mod pack is semi-little but that's due to the fact that i skipped a year of minecraft to play other games that my friend were currently playing, but I am determined to learn more about the technical/machinery side of mod packs as i have always played magic/rpg mod packs. However I have quite a bit of spare time and am also very persistent and will grind to help myself and others. I have also run a server with me and my friends and do know about the struggle of running a server however big or small, especially with griefing and other such annoyances, all i hope is that you give me a chance and if it is your will then ban me. I hope that you will consider this offer but i understand if you do not want me in your server. 

Also sidenote, how will I know if i am accepted (new to this fourms stuff)


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My younger brother and I would love to join!
We have been playedTekkit in the old days and have recently rediscovered our childhood obsession.

IGN: luiniel
Age: 17
Area of expertise: Equivilent Exchange, Farming, Redstone, Machines, Architecture

IGN: grimid
Age: 15
Area of exppertise: Computer craft (quite an advanced programmer), Machines, Architecture.

We used to play on another Tekkit Legends server but we reached end game and grew tired of it. We would like to start over.

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I'd love to join, this is exactly what I've been looking for!

IGN: HoodieNinja_7

Age: 16

Experience: I'm something of an old school tekkit fan, but I prefer the newer versions of Minecraft and am looking for a safe community to learn the ropes of Legends without worrying about huge and nonsensical banned item lists or players with unfortunate intentions.

Bonus! I've got a 100% clean ban record, without so much as a kick for poor conduct. I'm probably the least problematic player you could have.

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IGN: TMPDRuthless

Age: 14

Skype: Ruthless | Designer/Editor #oPc

Experience: Me and My friend Kiwi are learning as we go and have been playing on  a server for the past day learning everything we can. (We are also fast learners so dw)

IGN: kiwi238

Age: 14

Experience: Same as Ruthless 



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IGN: Oneironz

Age: 19

Skype: ricardofm1997

Experience: I have hosted tekkit and direwolf20 server previously, always small servers and always had a ton of fun! This time, I am looking forwards to join someone else's server, being the host can get tiring :P


Hopefully you allow me to play in your server, playing survival alone can get very, very boring.


Hope to hear from you soon!

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      discord.gg/gjjqVQR ~ www.spearheadgamingnetwork.com
      Server IP: tekkit.sphgaming.com
      Discord Server: http://discord.gg/gjjqVQR 
      Website: http://www.spearheadgamingnetwork.com
      ABOUT US
      We are a sever for the players - everything we do is aimed at a more enjoyable, fun, fair experienced for our player. Our management staff have years of experience under their belts, and our moderation staff are trained and disciplined. Our team is always around to help you out and make your experience here the best that it can be. We are oriented around service and quality.
      We strive to be different - we aim to provide a unique, original experience in Tekkit Legends, and put an immense amount of effort into our server, that many other networks are unwilling to do. Everything must be of as high a standard as possible, and we'll always do our best to achieve quality results. Our sever is constantly being updated to ensure we are up to date with the modern community, and to ensure we are always bringing you fresh, new content.
      We prioritise integrity - You may have seen many servers in your time, that use fake accounts to boost their numbers, use proxies to vote for themselves, lie about their specs and their community, and only care about their donors... Spearhead will never do this to our community, because we aim for absolute integrity and value an honest experience for our players. 
      Plugins: Many different quality and custom plugins that disable dupes, bugs, cheats and issues, and give the server an active economy, timed ranks, fun things to do, multiple worlds and much more. For security reasons we do not publicise a precise list of plugins.
      Server Rules: The server does not allow hacking, cheating or unfair play of any kind. The chat, while controlled is fairly chill, we just ask you to keep it PG. A list of rules is available on our Website, Discord, Server or just ask any staff member.
      Server Uptime: 24/7!
      Not convinced? Here's a few reasons that our server stands above the rest....
      The server is managed by staff with years of experience on modded servers It's Developed and Built by experts Our mod/admin staff are highly trained and disciplined Custom plugins have been developed to keep the bugs away Advanced security systems are in place to prevent cheating/griefing We allow claims to protect your builds, but have provided an arena in which to fight if you want! Large, detailed, epic exclusive builds are present everywhere you look We feature massive areas of custom, unique terrain We do not cheat our numbers or lie about our sever's stats No banned items World anchors and other highly useful items are available Nice donor perks are available, but the server is not pay to win Timed ranks And many, many, more reasons... Questions? Feel free to join our discord server, to ask any questions or get any help from staff (or just to chat!). http://discord.gg/gjjqVQR
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