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Technic Launcher not installing.



I have went to the technic webpage downloaded the launcher onto my computer but when I go to install it, It makes it all the way to 20% then resets back to 0% dose it about 6 times then it reaches 20% and resets back to 0 and then dose nothing. Before you say it is a firewall thing all my fire walls are off and I have no antivirus so there should be no reason for it to not work please any help I really enjoy the technic launcher makes it easier to install mod packs so I would really like to get it installed thanks

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I don't have a solution but I'd just like to say I have the same problem except mine never makes it past 0% no matter how long I leave it. I've tried re downloading the .exe file, restarting my computer, re downloading Java (Windows Offline 64-bit) but I've had no success


edit: Finally got it working, disabled my Microsoft Security Essentials and disconnected from my wifi (had tried disabling my antivirus earlier but I guess I did something wrong). Not sure which did it, pretty sure it was the disabling antivirus method though. I'd try checking your Java if nothing else has worked for you

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