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I am posting this topic for a few reasons.

1. When i was ranting about this modpack a while back i ranted too much and got myself into a bit of trouble. I was wondering if i could have my main and secondary ips unbanned for at least a temporary time. I need to use tekkit for a small presentation concerning different types of power and uses. I am having a few issues and need to sort them out and tekkit forums beat minecraft forums in this situation.

2. I will agree to no longer troll or spam your forums.

3. Ip bans don't work

4. Next time when you ban someone for the reason you banned the fenguepay account, at least give them some sort of warning or a temp ban. That would have turned out better for both of us.

User was banned for "apologizing" for rule breaking and attempting to negotiate a ban while breaking rules by ban evading.

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