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If you want to be a cio of a company read this

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Welcome i am the ceo of Master Inc i am looking for a player that knows tekkit and can e trusted.

once i have choose my cio then i will look for people to be heads of differnt branches of Master Inc on differnt servers as well as workers.

to be a cio answer these questions:

How old are you:

have you ever had a high rank on a tekkit or vanilla server:

what makes you qualified:

do you have a server you would reconmend me or anyone you liked and wouldn't betray:

do you have a great arcitcutral desiging personality:

if you want to be a head answer the same questions

if you want to be a worker then answer these:

How old are you:

what mod are you best at in tekkit:

are you willing to move between servers at any second:

What makes you qullified:

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hey nedned i was in a hurry and didn't have time to spell check i have been trying since tekkit came out to get a company up and my one error was not haveing enough players on the team help so if you can help me in getting my company off the ground on a server that isnt prone to griefers then please be my geust and help

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Well, I wouldn't really want to join you (though I'm sure there are plenty that would), for even on the few tekkit servers I go on, I usually work best alone, however, I can give you a few tips to get started

Also, may I say that I'm sorry if my post came across as a bit condescending (which, as I'm reading again, it did)

First of all, if you're going to have a multi-server corporation, you'll need a place to communicate. I would suggest setting up a company forums with one of the many free forum hosting websites.

Secondly, the way in which you type your words is very important if you want people to take you seriously. Correcting grammar and spelling errors isn't neccesary to convey your information, but each mistake that people notice is a mark against you. Also, you'd be surprised how many more people listen when they read perfect sentences.

Lastly, I would like to point out that the only servers that aren't prone to greifers are those only one person plays. All open (and even most whitelisted) servers have trouble with greifers at one point or another.

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As nedned said, I'm one of those people that cringe every time I see a word "mispelt"[sic]. English is a language, and as a language it's important to follow the standards of it correctly. After all, if you can't follow a standard, you're telling everyone that you make up your own standards and refuse to follow any idea, no matter how many people use it!

Thanks for tolerating me(and my irony!)

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As I see it, Communication is key, and once you manage to convey your point, the rest isn't actually necessary, but still should be followed.

Saying "my name is ned hello how ar you im fine" conveys the same message as "Hello, my name is Ned. How are you? I'm fine." but looks a lot prettier and people take you more seriously. This simple addition of Capitals, Spelling, Syntax, and Punctuation takes maybe another ten seconds, and isn't at all necessary to say what you want to say, but makes all the difference in the world.

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