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Java 64 bit is slower, even with more RAM



So I have an acer Aspire V3-575G and I installed Technic to play Tekkit Classic Reborn.  I ran it with 32 bit java and it loaded in about 5 minutes and when I tried to play gave me the java out of memory error.  I installed java 64 bit and the load time increased to about 20 mins and it was mostly stuck on reloading resource packs. The game loaded up and was exceptionally laggy.  I ran default minecraft with both and the 64 bit again was much slower.  Yes I made sure to allocate more RAM to the 64 bit java.

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Thanks, how do I make sure it is using nvidia gpu

5 hours ago, AetherPirate said:

Don't allocate more than 4GB of ram, and make sure it's using your Nvidia GPU and not the Intel one. Check your video settings too in-game and try turning off Fancy graphics and reduce the chunk view distance. 

How do I make sure I am using nvidia gpu

Never mind figured out that, here goes nothing

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