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should be a simple one


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Seems like it would be extremely simple with a bit of base-class modding of lava from what I hear, unless Forge already has a hook which could be used for this. If not, I'm pretty sure that you could mod the changes Forge made so you have a modified Forge class to make it compatible.

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At that point, it's no better than base class modding, because you have to make sure everyone gets your modified forge file...

Anyway, it would probably be something like


class Foo {

    public void lavaTime(LivingHurtEvent event) {

        if( event.entityLiving instanceof EntityPlayer ) {

            if( event.source instanceof DamageSource.lava ) {

                //code to be executed here





and in you main file you would need

MinecraftForge.EVENT_BUS.register(new Foo());

This version of course would trigger on every damage tick, but it's the basic idea.

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