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1.7.10 | Ångström Quasi-Official (Ångström Pack) — PreciousStones, Economy, and More...

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Ångström Quasi-Official is an economy-driven survival server built around the Ångström modpack. Designed to reduce bloat and speed up lower-end machines, Ångström has fewer mods than conventional kitchen-sink modpacks. It still tries, however, to provide an authentic modded Minecraft experience through the inclusion of big tech and magic mods—including Mekanism, Thaumcraft, and the like. A full mod list is available on the Ångström pack page.

The survival server utilizes some less-well-known plugins in the interest of creating a more diverse multiplayer experience as opposed to the ubiquitous Towny server model. Some of the key features include:

  • A fully-customized PreciousStones setup, where players protect their builds from griefers through the use of forcefield-emitting blocks.
  • Player-made shops, in the form of chest shops.
  • Player-made warps, in both public and private flavours.
  • A lightweight economy management plugin, built from the ground up by our developers.
  • An automatic ranking ladder—the more playtime a player accrues, the more benefits they reap.
  • A custom build of Prism, an advanced logging plugin that allows administrators to track down rule breakers and roll back griefing.
  • Almost no banned items, with the exception of highly destructive equipment (e.g. Manastorm Charges)

Join us today at the following address:


Visit our forums here!

Join our Discord server here!

Ångström Quasi-Official is a branch of the Rising Sun network.

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On 5/29/2017 at 0:02 PM, oOo_David_oOo said:

Error downloaded the pack from the link when attemping to install the pack in technic launcher, please update the link or reupload the file? Thanks :P

It works for just about everybody else I've talked with. If it's still not working for you, join the Discord server and ping me (Phanta#1328).

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